After long discussion and many options to choose from, a simple initial W is the finalist

After months of conceptualization, debate and nearly $10,000 in initial design fees, the Wilsonville City Council settled on slightly redesigned W-shape logo by Wilsonville resident Jennie Hill — the only artist who donated her work for free. SUBMITTED PHOTO -  Wilsonville resident and designer Jennie Hill's design beat out 14 other submissions to become the new emblem of Wilsonville. As a cherry on top, Hill donated her work free of charge.

The design, chosen out of the 15 designs shown at the Dec. 4 City Council work session, was originally more organic, with smoother lines. The council was unsure about the abstraction of the design after Hill's explanation of her inspiration.

"My approach was to take the original logo that the City had been using," Hill said. "I used the significant and familiar elements of that, bringing them into the the current day, giving it a modern makeover."

Hill simplified the hand and seedling replace with "the City adopted after its incorporation in 1968." After receiving feedback that the council wished that the design was a bit more structured, Hill went back to the drawing board and sent back a more angular version.

"It gives it just enough edginess to look modern and fresh," Councilor Charlotte Lehan said of the redesign.

Which is what Hill said that she was going for, making the design something that was approachable while being interesting.

"It's easy to relate to the font and there are a couple of things in the narrative that I can see in the logo that I don't necessarily see in the other logos," Councilor Julie Fitzgerald said.

The council was happy with the redesign and only Mayor Tim Knapp had concerns. He said that the three leaves of the design could easily be interpreted into marijuana, so he suggested changing the leaves, possibly to oak leaves, and making the text "blockier" for better readability.

The council largely disagreed with Knapp's comments. Fitzgerald pointed out that marijuana graphics have five thin leaves and not three and recommended to not change the font or the design any further.

"I don't want to be too effusive but I just love it the way that it is!" Lehan said with a laugh.

Knapp conceded and the council decided to make a motion to make it official during the City Council meeting later in the evening. The new logo passed 5-0.

The day after her design was selected, Hill said that she's pleased with how it came out and hopes that — unlike with the City's last logo — that people will like

it and be happy to know that it was donated free of charge.

"I love living in Wilsonville," Hill said. "My hope is that people get a sense for familiarity and that it's somewhat tied to the heritage of town."

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