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Lance's 4 Best Winter Driving Tips

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LANCE'S SUPERIOR AUTO SERVICE - Lance GriffinWinter weather presents a new set of challenges for Oregon drivers when they get behind the wheel. And if you've been on the road at all these past few weeks, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. The winter weather may have gotten to you already, but it doesn't have to anymore! Make sure you're prepared with my 4 best winter driving tips:

  • Prepare your vehicle—Make sure your car is stocked with a winter survival kit (first aid kit, water, warm clothes, blanket, flares, and jumper cables), an ice scraper, and deicer/non-freezing windshield washer fluid. Turn on your A/C with your defrost and have it cycle in the outside air to help keep the windows defogged.
  • Monitor the weather—Don't be unprepared when the flurries start to fly. Check out the local news stations and weather sites for the latest weather info before hitting the road.
  • USE CAUTION—Take the time to clear snow and ice off of your vehicle before leaving the driveway or parking lot. Once you're on the road, you should reduce your speed and increase your following distance so you have plenty of room to brake.
  • Get a Grip—Don't be someone who abandons their vehicle on the road. Either equip your car with winter-appropriate tires or carry chains. And if you carry chains, know how to put them on your vehicle.
  • Finally, be sure to bring your vehicle to Lance's Superior Auto for a full winter driving checkup!

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