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New Year's Resolutions for Pets

Brought to you by Dr. Kristen Hardinge - Wilsonville Veterinary Clinic - VETERINARY INSIDER -

WILSONVILLE VETERINARY CLINIC - Dr. Kristen HardingeKeeping our pets healthier and happier is something we all want, and the New Year is the perfect time for these pet resolutions:

Get more exercise/reach a healthy weight-Many pets are overweight and this is a great time of year to make the resolution to help them get more exercise and shed those extra pounds. In turn, this might help you get healthier too!

Look your best!-Keeping pets groomed with brushing and trimming nails not only will keep them looking their best but can also prevent skin issues. What a great way to spend more time with your pet.

Dental care-Daily teeth brushing is ideal but there are also many other products to help keep teeth healthy such as dental chews and treats. Start with an evaluation by your veterinarian to discuss options and whether your pet needs to start with a professional dental cleaning.

Visit your veterinarian- Annual exams are the best way to detect diseases or problems earlier when treatment can be more effective. Vaccinations and parasite prevention are important to keep up to date as it is much easier (and far less expensive) to prevent rather than treat.

Spend quality time together-Engaging with your pet and enriching their environment can help lessen destructive behavior. Enrolling in training or socialization classes is important for youngsters but even "old dogs can learn new tricks". Time spent with your pet can also help lower your own blood pressure and reduce stress.

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