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4 Sure-fire tricks for house hunting

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THE HASSON COMPANY REALTORS - Lisa WillettOne thing you can’t change about your next home is its location. That’s why before you choose a new home, it’s important to do your homework on the neighborhoods and communities of each home on your list. By following these 4 sure-fire tricks, you’ll be confident and comfortable in choosing the next place you call home:

1.) Walk the neighborhood—Sure, you can read up on a neighborhood online, but actually walking its streets, seeing its homes, and examining the community in person is infinitely more valuable in helping you get a feel for a neighborhood.

2.) Grab a drink—Head to a restaurant with a bar in the neighborhood and grab a pint. Bars foster conversation, and talking to the locals can give you a clearer picture of the community.

3.) Research the schools—Schools don’t just matter to buyers with children; schools denote local economic strength, community pride, and affect the resale value of neighborhood homes.

4.) Talk to a realtor—You’re not buying and selling homes on a regular basis, but a real estate agent is! Realtors like me understand how homes are valued in specific micro-markets, and we can provide additional information about local school districts, transportation, community amenities, and more.

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