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Planting the seeds of health

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JOY OF LIFE CHIROPRACTIC - Dr. Laura LaJoieLifelong health can sprout from just a few healthy choices—and those seeds can be planted today, according to Dr. Laura LaJoie of Joy of Life Chiropractic.

She says too many people think attaining a healthy lifestyle means abrupt changes and a radical makeover. In reality, small, incremental steps are the keys to optimum health. Daily health care “maintenance” is more effective (and easier) than planning a massive switch.

Dr. LaJoie recommends starting simple: Drink more water, add a few veggies to your diet and increase your activity with a daily walk or light exercise.

Most importantly, make sure to take stock of your nervous system. If you’re suffering from continual or habitual pain that other doctors may describe as “normal,” you need to schedule an adjustment at Joy of Life Chiropractic. Headaches, back pain and the like are all common—but they are NOT normal!

“The biggest problem facing our health care system today is that the system is designed to treat problems that already exist versus obtaining and maintaining optimum health,” Dr. LaJoie explains.

Be healthy by choice, not by chance. Dr. LaJoie can help you achieve optimum health, regardless of age or stage. Call to GET CHECKED TODAY and plant more seeds for your healthy life! Call (503) 682-9596 for more info.

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