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Learn to make everything from a coffeebot to bachelor's jams.

Spring is officially here and while we are all anxiously awaiting nice weather, why not use the next rainy day to take on a DIY project? Come to the library for inspiration on crafts and projects to brighten up your living room, get your family outside or make something to give away to a friend.

If you’ve found something great to make on Pinterest only to be led down a rabbit hole of broken links or sketchy and vague instructions, the library may be able to help you out. Not only do we have expert researchers here who would love to help you navigate the web, we also have many books with projects of all kinds. Here are a few of my favorites:

For the Recycler:

Re-Creative: 50 projects for turning found items into contemporary design by Steve Dodds is a fun way to turn one man’s trash into your homemade treasure. The nice thing about this book is that the projects range in complexity; some require very few materials and time like the “Novelty Clock” while others like the “Necktie Cushion” require more time and specialized materials, like a sewing machine and iron-on interfacing.

Do you have tons of plastic grocery bags hanging around? Make your own plastic bag dispenser in as little as fifteen minutes. No matter how crafty you are, there’s something in this book that you can tackle successfully.

For the dedicated:

The library subscribes to Make magazine (tip: you’ll find it in the nonfiction book collection rather than the magazine area). It is full of all kinds of impressive projects and each issue focuses on a theme like “The Danger Issue” and “Explore the Deep”. Some of the projects can get pretty complex, but have a big pay-off in the end.

Each entry estimates cost and time required so you know what you’re getting into. Need a speaker and amp for your iPhone? You can build a “MonoBox Powered Speaker” in 6 hours. Build a “Coffee Bot” robot in 8-12 hours, an automated “Bubblebot” (think huge bubble-making machine) in a weekend or, if you’re short on time, build a baseball tee in an hour. This magazine is definitely worth checking out!

For the homebody:

Weekend Handmade: more than 40 projects + ideas for inspired crafting covers all kinds of topics within its pages. Learn how to make a feathered headband, a gilded end table, a cloth picnic caddy, or herbed bath salts and shower scrubs. There are even some recipes for winter marmalades and bachelor’s jams.

This book is very family-oriented and has a friendly, familiar tone. All of the projects are designed to take less than a weekend from start to finish. While the range of ideas and projects could ordinarily feel a bit overly-varied,

Weekend Handmade is full of the author’s personal anecdotes and suggestions that tie everything together with her personal touches. It has a whimsical design and a springy, outdoor feel that is sure to inspire some great creativity.