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Police Log


Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents:


9/20 6:38 p.m. A man tried to pass a fake $20 bill at Walmart.

9/21 10:10 a.m. Fraud was reported in the 2300 block of Falcon Drive.


9/23 3:26 p.m. A vehicle ran into a mailbox in the 2600 block of Beacon Hill Drive. One person was transported to the hospital and the driver was cited for careless driving.

9/24 10:05 a.m. An accident occurred in the 22800 block of Willamette Drive, conveniently across from the police station.

9/24 6:12 p.m. An accident was reported in the 1800 block of Willamette Falls Drive.

9/25 6:45 a.m. An accident was reported on southbound Interstate 205 north of 10th Street.


9/26 3:58 p.m. Jewelry valued at $11,000 is missing from a residence in the 19300 block of View Drive. A former roommate is suspect.


9/26 1:24 a.m. An iPhone, wallet with $400 to $500 in it, a backpack and a laptop were taken from a vehicle in the 1500 block of 11th Street.

9/26 6:38 a.m. A vehicle’s windows were smashed in the 100 block of Springtree Lane and two computer monitors were taken along with computer accessories.


9/20 1:43 p.m. A man with greasy hair was going through a dumpster in the 19500 block of Hidden Springs Road.

9/20 5:30 p.m. An ex-employee was refusing to leave the premises in the 2500 block of Willamette Falls Drive.

9/20 6:59 p.m. A woman in the 19500 block of Willamette Drive feared someone in her apartment after finding trash knocked over and dogs shut in a different room.

9/20 8:03 p.m. Washable chalk or paint was found on a mailbox in the 22600 block of West Bluff Drive.

9/20 10:20 p.m. An unknown person was beating on a window in the 2400 block of Willamette Falls Drive.

9/21 10:11 a.m. A window was broken out of a garage in the 1200 block of Ninth Street.

9/21 3:33 p.m. Possible gunshots were heard near Fifth Avenue and Ninth Street.

9/21 4:57 p.m. A man in the 4600 block of Riverview Avenue received death threats from his brother.

9/21 9:51 p.m. A loud “boom” was heard in the 5300 block of Windsor Terrace.

9/22 2:06 a.m. A suspected drunken driver loitering in the McDonalds drive-thru was just slow, not drunk.

9/22 2:26 p.m. A suspicious teen in the 5600 block of Hood Street was dancing and poking a long stick at “imaginary things” and talking to himself. He was just playing.

9/22 7:48 p.m. Someone was knocking on a backdoor in the 4600 block of Riverview Avenue.

9/23 9:26 a.m. Two possible gunshots were heard in the 4000 block of Wild Rose Drive.

9/23 9:39 a.m. A resident in the 2000 block of Wellington Drive came home to find his open garage door shut. Police had shut it for her.

9/23 2:38 p.m. A resident thinks neighboring children are being neglected and in need of food.

9/23 4:32 p.m. A man walking around the 1000 block of Epperly Way was looking at houses suspiciously.

9/23 4:55 p.m. A resident reported hearing someone in a house in the 1800 block of Webb Street.

9/24 3:03 a.m. Knocking was heard on a door in the 1300 block of Fourth Street but nobody was there.

9/24 1:09 p.m. A vehicle’s window was smashed in the 2500 block of Snowberry Ridge Court.

9/24 6:04 p.m. A man in the 6000 block of Caufield Street wondered if power washing was allowed under city ordinance.

9/25 11:38 a.m. A resident at a care center was crying as staff members took her two parakeets from her.

9/26 7:45 a.m. Hoodlums spray painted the shelter and bathrooms at Tanner Creek Park.

9/26 5:53 p.m. A woman in the 20700 block of Willamette didn’t appreciate being the victim of a prank call.

9/26 6:05 p.m. A suspicious man carrying a clipboard was spotted in the 3000 block of Sabo Lane.

9/26 6:42 p.m. A subject was attempting to steal fuel from a vehicle in the 18800 block of Willamette Drive.


9/25 10:11 a.m. A coyote was seen running up and down Tannler Drive.