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Police Log


Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents:


4/28 6:21 p.m. Cash, jewels and a checkbook were stolen from a house in the 1500 block of Seventh Street while the homeowner was in the yard working.

4/29 7:03 p.m. A burglary was reported in the 4600 block of Riverview Avenue.


4/26 6:22 a.m. A bicycle valued at $4,620 was stolen from a garage in the 2600 block of Arbor Drive.

4/26 6:56 a.m. Sunglasses were stolen from a vehicle in the 3000 block of Kensington Court.

4/26 7:08 a.m. A backpack, a jacket and a Leatherman tool were stolen from a vehicle in the 2000 block of Virginia Lane.

4/26 7:42 a.m. A vehicle was rifled through but nothing was stolen in the 2000 block of Virginia Lane.

4/26 9:16 a.m. A purse was stolen from a vehicle in the 2600 block Umpqua Lane.

4/26 9:40 a.m. An unlocked vehicle was gone through in the 3400 block of Ponderosa Loop but nothing was taken.

4/26 11:44 a.m. Change, sunglasses and carwash coupons were stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the 2000 block of Virginia Lane.

4/26 3:39 p.m. An attempted vehicle theft was reported at Albertsons. The victim found a “slim jim” on the ground under the driver’s door.

4/29 9:45 a.m. Sunglasses, gloves and miscellaneous items were stolen from a vehicle in the 2300 block of Falcon Drive.

4/29 11:26 a.m. A man was cited and released on a charge of second-degree theft from Market of Choice.

4/30 6:49 a.m. A disc golf bag, change, camping items and sunglasses were stolen from a vehicle in the 2300 block of Willamette Falls Drive. Loss is estimated at $700.

4/30 12:45 p.m. A mountain bike valued at $600 was stolen from a front porch in the 22900 block of West Bluff Drive.

5/1 10:59 a.m. Jewelry, a laptop, a camera and other items were taken from a home in the 2400 block of Fifth Avenue.

5/1 4:21 p.m. A theft of services was reported in the 21500 block of Willamette Drive.


4/28 12:38 p.m. Fraudulent credit card use was reported in the 2700 block of Sunset Avenue.


4/27 12:56 p.m. A hit-and-run accident was reported in the 3800 block of Fairhaven Drive.

4/30 10:58 a.m. A hit-and-run accident was reported in the 22900 block of Willamette Drive.


4/26 10:55 a.m. A subject has been camping for a few days in the 19900 block of Willamette Drive.

4/26 4:09 p.m. Curb painters going door to door in the 19800 block of Bellevue Way were deemed suspicious.

4/26 4:19 p.m. Those suspicious curb painters also raised concern in the 19700 block of Bellevue Way.

4/26 9:22 p.m. An unknown person was pounding on a door in the 22400 block of McKenzie Court.

4/27 11:40 p.m. Suspected gunshots were heard in the 4700 block of Exeter Street.

4/27 12:15 p.m. A subject is suspected of living on Cedar Island and dumping sewage into the river.

4/27 3:47 p.m. Boxes of paperwork containing personal information were found in the 21800 block of Willamette Drive behind an office.

4/27 4:01 p.m. Two men were seen driving in the 19700 block of Bennington Court peering into garages and houses.

4/27 4:32 p.m. A male houseguest in the 19500 block of Hidden Springs Road was being “loud and mouthy.”

4/27 5:16 p.m. A woman in the 1700 block of Sixth Avenue wished to speak with police about people running into her fence.

4/28 4:08 p.m. Gunshots were heard in the 700 block of Nicole Drive.

4/28 4:30 p.m. Kids were seen skateboarding on top of picnic tables at Tanner Creek Park.

4/28 5:59 p.m. A small girl was seen riding a bike with training wheels down a hill near Noble Land and Parker Road.

4/28 11:09 p.m. A suspicious teen was seen wrapping up a car in cellophane. He was wrapping up a broken window in attempt to keep the rain out.

4/29 4:08 p.m. Bullying between friends was reported in the 1700 block of Willamette Falls Drive.

4/30 12:30 p.m. Suspected “squatters” are believed to be living in the 5500 block of First Court.

5/1 9:43 a.m. A man was found sleeping on a couch in a garage in the 18200 block of Willamette Drive. Police determined the man knew the tenant and was asked not to sleep there.

5/1 10:03 a.m. Debris from a neighbor’s yard in the 3100 block of Oak Tree Court damaged a neighbor’s property.

5/1 5:54 p.m. Teen drivers in the 21400 block of Rosepark Court “laid rubber” and “screeched tires.”


4/27 11:24 a.m. An injured duck was found in a driveway in the 1500 block of Edgewater Court.

4/28 5:09 p.m. Someone dropped off a dog in a crate at a house in the 4600 block of Walnut Street.

4/29 8:18 a.m. A mama duck and her ducklings were attempting to cross Highway 43 near Fairview Way.