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‘Villagers’ need to support own children

To the editor:

Mr. Niktab you are absolutely right! It does take a village to raise a child (See letter to the editor “Help kids, who can’t vote” in the May 21 edition, Page 4A). The problem is getting the villagers to rise and vote in support of their own children’s educational needs.

I agree, here in Oregon we vote by absentee ballot. As registered voters we are mailed our ballots and given ample time to review and decide. We don’t even have to buy a stamp; just drop ballots off at City Hall.

When we had to physically go to the polls, the villagers complained they were too tired from working to stop and vote. Excuses, refusals and laziness help no one.

So, if you have another slogan ready, I hope it’s in support for getting all the village parents with children to support and vote for their educational needs.

Arnold Ponce


Police and fire support at school appreciated

To the editor:

I’m writing to say thank you to Woodburn Fire and Gervais Police for their partnership and cooperation in working with Gervais Elementary during our enhanced fire drill on Tuesday, May 20.

Their expertise and support provided an opportunity to add a new element of learning to our monthly fire drill practice.

Their presence on campus, with vehicles and staff, created a great experience — one which I hope will remain memorable for all.

As a school principal, I’m very grateful to work in a community in which everyone works together to take care of our most precious resource: children!

Thanks again for the privilege to work together as we do the important work of keeping our school communities safe.

Sharman Ensminger-Stapp

Principal, Gervais Elementary School