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Investment in schools gets big return

To the editor:

I am a senior citizen who graduated six children from Woodburn schools, and I now have grandchildren in the district. Each of my children was well prepared for challenging careers as lawyers, accountants, teachers and bankers. I speak highly to everyone about the quality education that is available to students in this community.

And that’s why I support the modest renewal of the school bond that will be on the ballot May 20. The board was careful to include only the most important repairs and renovations that we need to keep student achievement high and our school buildings safe and well maintained. The list was carefully reviewed by a citizens’ panel and pared down to what our community could afford.

Schools are the heart of every strong community. By voting yes on the bond renewal this election, we have the opportunity to grow our reputation for educational excellence and, at the same time, reduce the amount of taxes we now pay for schools.

Keep our schools safe and well maintained ... and lower our taxes.

That’s a good deal we should not pass up.

Jody Daniels


District needs community support

To the editor:

I am a parent of kids in the Woodburn School District. The last several years I have become a volunteer for our district. I have volunteered at several of the schools and served on several committees. I attend board meetings so I can be informed about what’s happening. I served on the budget committee in which I learned about the way our district operates.

Due to the amount of time I spend at the schools I can tell you firsthand that they are in need of many repairs and upgrades. We need upgrades for safety, technology and capacity.

Having served on the budget committee I can honestly say the funds for such items are not available in the annual budget. Our annual budget is so very tight that each year it is a struggle to maintain our current operating expenditures, let alone have extra money for major projects.

I was part of the committee that recommended the bond measure to the school board. We were given a huge list of needs in our district. We went over that list with great scrutiny. Everything on it was valid, but unfortunately there was no way we could afford to do it all. We didn’t want to cause undue burden on the citizens of Woodburn so we narrowed our list down to the bare necessities. In doing so we were able to come up with a bond that not only avoid increasing taxes, but actually lower them. I know that nobody likes to pay taxes, myself included, but this bond is truly necessary. Many of the things on the list if left unaddressed will cost a great deal more in the future.

Our children deserve a quality education. As a community we are only as strong as our citizens. The better education we provide our youth, the better citizens they become. Giving them facilities that they can thrive in will not only benefit those of us with children, but the community as a whole, because these kids are our future. The more that kids engage in learning, the less likely they are to be out on the streets causing trouble. We can spend money now on their education, or later on their incarceration.

I hope that you will join me in voting for this bond. It is not only the responsible thing to do, but the right one as well.

Shantelle Naeve


Residents should give input on street name

To the editor:

We have a rare opportunity to name a Woodburn street. This is the new street that will go from Evergreen, past Woodburn Best Western and Denny’s, and on to the new transit center near the overpass.

I am suggesting that Woodburn citizens, service organizations and other community groups email our city officials (see the Woodburn city website for addresses) and suggest your favorite name.

What a great opportunity to honor someone who has given much to Woodburn, perhaps a former mayor or someone that gave their life in the service of Woodburn.

Ellen Bandelow