Open letter to Walmart

To the editor:

Dear Walmart: Your store shopping cart sits on my lawn. And sits. And sits.

I call you. And I call you. And you do nothing.

So, Walmart, I’m getting pretty tired of calling and asking you to stop storing your stuff at my place. This may come as a shock to you, but our family doesn’t offer a layaway plan, and we have a house not a warehouse where you can just plop stuff indefinitely.

Let me put this in terms you can understand: Walmart, if you decide you want your cart back, my everyday low price is a $10-a-day storage fee.

And I’ll be the one picking the local charity that you’ll be donating that fee to.

Yes, I know that you’ve got hundreds and hundreds of shopping carts and obvious problems managing all of them. I mean, who can miss the four additional strays dumped just a few streets from your store, right?

You’ve obviously seen them too. So, I’m starting to think that maybe you’d be happier trying to keep track of fewer of them. Do you not want your cart back? You can tell me.

I truly will understand if you don’t want the cart back. I can see why.

It’s not like you can just toss the thing in the trash. Or fit it in a car. Trust me. I’ve tried. A shopping cart takes an awful lot of space and isn’t as mobile as you’d think, not fitting into cars and all. So, if I’m going to be its new home, just tell me so I can figure out how to deal with it.

Now, Walmart, you’re one of the largest retailers on earth, so someone should have told you that technology exists to help you control your carts so they can’t litter your neighbors’ property.

Which brings us back to the cart with your name on it that is still sitting in my yard.

Well, just like you, Walmart, I have a 30 day no return policy so if you don’t come and get it soon, I am going to push it across town and try to donate it to the Goodwill. But, big guy, don’t worry, I’ll pick up your other wayward carts along the way so you won’t have to. Now that’s customer service.

Ruth Herman Wells


Thanks to planning commission member

To the editor:

This letter is stimulated by friendship and personal recognition of Ellen Bandelow for her many years as a Planning Commission member for the City of Woodburn.

Her unwavering support, many years of experience, input, dedication, professional integrity and earnest love for this community provided the base for accomplishing worthwhile goals. Woodburn and its residents should be thankful for her volunteer time provided, advice and assistance.

The planning commission is now more effective and improved since she first joined. We hope she finds time to excel in other areas and to enjoy family and travel. I want to personally thank her.

Claudio R. Lima

Chairwoman, Woodburn Planning Commission

Thanks to supporters of senior night fundraiser

To the editor:

The North Marion Class of 2014 and Hubbard Chevrolet would like to thank all the parents, relatives and friends who attended our steak benefit dinner this last Saturday night at the Eagles Lodge in Woodburn. One hundred percent of the proceeds went to help raise money for the drug-free all-night graduation party.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Kylie Gonzalez, Miranda Audritsh, Trevor Kauffman, Shane Whitehead and Austin Berkey, all North Marion seniors that worked very hard at this event. We are proud of you! Thank you Gina Audritsh and Misty Lee for helping to organize and work this event. This benefit dinner would not have been possible without the outstanding leadership of Debi Bowar of Hubbard Chevrolet and the Woodburn Eagles Lodge generously hosting this event and preparing all the food. Your support in our community is outstanding – we appreciate all of you working so hard to make this event a success.

Thank you so much!

Lance and Anisa Berkey


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