Ben Pollock

by: SUBMITTED - Ben PollockRelevant experience: I have spent time in the private sector, helping run and grow a small business, creating jobs even through these economic times. I have worked in the legislature both at the state and federal levels, working to draft and advocate for legislation that reduces the role of government in your life. Finally, I have served on several high stakes political campaigns, so I know the commitment required to run and win a campaign of this magnitude.

Why are you running? We cannot afford more of the same in Washington, D.C. Electing another professional politician who does not listen to the people will do nothing to solve the massive challenges facing our state and nation. I’m running because Congress is holding back our economic recovery, it has failed to address our debt crisis, and it lurches from one manufactured crisis to the next, so that politicians can score political points. I’m not a politician, and my goal is to make Washington, D.C. as insignificant in your daily life as possible.

Please

What do you think are the three biggest issues facing your district?

1. Jobs/economy.

2. Health care reform.

3. Land use/timber

What do you think are the three biggest issues facing the Woodburn area?

1. Jobs/economy.

2. Health care reform.

3. Land use/timber. These are the issues that voters consistently discuss when asked to rank their concerns. The Woodburn area is also held back by government bureaucracy in Salem and Washington, D.C., that prevent your local city government from being able to make the best possible decisions for Woodburn.

What three things would you like to see accomplished if elected?

1. A stronger economic recovery that creates more living-wage jobs, including timber jobs, for Oregon families.

2. Free-market health care reform that reins in costs and expands choice for consumers.

3. Serious progress toward reducing this nation’s unsustainable debt.

Name three reasons why you are the best candidate for the job:

1. I believe in representing the people, not telling them how to live or using my office to further my own ideological agenda. In order to serve as effective legislators, we must be able and willing to build relationships with our colleagues in Congress, including those across the aisle. I will always do so with the goal of reducing the size and scope of the federal government, and returning decision making to state and local government and to the individual.

2. I understand that campaigning for a Congressional seat against an incumbent requires an unmatched work ethic, engagement with the people, answering the tough questions and spending time in the Fifth District every day. That’s why we have been out campaigning in the district since October.

3. I am not a politician. Politicians are the people who have put our country on its current path, and electing another politician is not going to solve the problem. Serving one’s country as a representative of the people is a great honor, not a career. I live in the real world and have a real job, and when I’m done in Congress, I’ll go back to my real job and live under the same laws as everybody else.

Hobbies/Interests: Portland Trail Blazers, Portland Timbers, anything that keeps me outside and physically active. I also love classic cars.

Tootie Smith

by: SUBMITTED - Tootie SmithRelevant experience: Wife of 37 years and mother; fourth generation farmer; business owner for 25 years of logging company and a bed and breakfast; librarian of an elementary school; precinct committee person, PCP, 2002 to present; Molalla Local Schools Committee, 1996-1999; State Representative House District 18, 2001-2005; Clackamas County Commissioner, 2013 to present. Member of Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon for seven years, president for two; past member of Woodburn Area Chamber of Commerce and Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce; member of Clackamas County Veterans Council, County Park Liaison; Affordable Housing Committee; community and church volunteer.

Why are you running? I see an urgency to try to fix health care, increase family jobs through less federal government interference and quit spending our children’s future by continued borrowing of money that increases the deficit. Government has grown too large and intrusive on everyday life. The federal government’s powers should be limited i.e.: Obamacare, federal lands ownership, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Education. Return control back to the states. Federal government should support transportation system, military and matters empowered to them by the Bill of Rights. Eliminate deficit spending, don’t raise taxes and create a business-friendly environment where companies want to expand.

What do you think are the three biggest issues facing your district? 1. Transfer federal forest lands back to Oregon’s counties. This can be done by Congress through its own enabling acts that established Oregon’s statehood. The original debt has been paid to Congress, now it’s time for Congress to do what they said they were going to do and return our lands back to the people. 2. Reset health care by reversing Obamacare (ACA) so people will have at least the same insurance coverage as before Obamacare. I would do his by tort reform, putting limits on lawsuits so doctors can freely practice medicine without insurance companies dictating treatment; making health care patient-centered and patient-controlled, and offer menu-style selection in their health insurance; making health insurance portable, staying with the individual regardless of employment; developing a high risk pool to cover expensive pre-existing conditions, understanding that these premiums will be calculated differently in the marketplace and that all insurance companies must contribute. The best way to lower cost is to inject more market-based competition into the system, such as pooling. 3. Focus on economic policy. In Washington I will support a budget that is balanced and doesn’t raise taxes, utilizes hard-earned taxpayer dollars wisely, and preserves and protects Medicare and Social Security for the people who rely on those programs. The budget should reduce wasteful spending, fraud and borrowing. Passing legislation that actually balances the budget will give businesses a sign that government is serious about making our country prosperous.

What do you think are the three biggest issues facing the Woodburn area? Let’s make Woodburn and all parts of District 5 important in the global marketplace with traded sector exports such as nursery stock, agriculture commodities and manufacturing. Let’s start producing from our timber and agriculture lands while enhancing a skilled work force. North Dakota did it, so we can too.

What three things would you like to see accomplished if elected? Elect more people who will not increase deficit spending, concentrate on eliminating regulatory barriers from the federal government, get control of our federal forest lands. Fix the health care problems.

Name three reasons why you are the best candidate for the job: Experience in life, government and business.

Hobbies/Interests: Going to the Oregon beach, swimming, reading, boating, enjoying the essence of my farm, down time with friends and family.

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