Amid rumors that Cracker Barrel might be eyeing a new location in Woodburn, Economic and Development Services Director Jim Hendryx confirmed this week that a representative of the Lebanon, Tenn.-based company had held an informal meeting with him earlier this month.

Hendryx described the meeting as a “pre-application conference” and said such consultations are common and relatively routine, and by no means guarantee that an actual project is in the works.

“We get this a lot,” he said. “They were just doing their due diligence.”

This meeting was somewhat noteworthy simply because of the dearth of this particular company’s presence in the region. According to the Cracker Barrel website, the Southern country-themed restaurant and gift shop chain does not have a location anywhere west of Boise, Idaho.

Hendryx said the discussions with the Cracker Barrel representative had concerned the former property of Miles Chevrolet, which is on Highway 219 just west of Interstate 5.

However, despite this meeting, it doesn’t appear that Woodburn residents can look forward to enjoying helpings of the restaurant’s country ham or biscuits and gravy any time soon.

A representative of the company in Nashville, Tenn., told the Woodburn Independent on Thursday: “While we do look (at) potential building areas across the country, we have no definite plans to build any stores in the Woodburn, Ore., area at this time.”

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