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State projects increased school funding for 2013-15 biennium


Last week, the state Legislative Revenue Office reported that it has increased its estimate of local school revenue for the 2013-15 biennium by $98 million.

As a result, local school districts will receive an additional $1,075,275 in state funding for the 2014-15 school year.

State Rep. Betty Komp, who worked as an educator in local schools for 15 years, pointed out that the additional funds come at a time when districts are developing their budgets.

“Parents and community members have a great opportunity to work with their local school boards to support teachers and students during the budget process and possibly reduce class sizes,”?she said in a press release.

Under the revised funding formula, the Woodburn School?District will receive $638,646, North Marion $201,927, Gervais $119,113, Mount Angel $79,277 and St. Paul $36,292 for the upcoming year.

Decisions about how the funds would be spent will be made at the discretion of each district.

This revenue boost follows a billion-dollar increase in education funding approved by the Legislature in 2013.