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Local suspicious calls on the rise


Orvilla Edwards, who has received three questionable calls in the past month from her home phone, remains shaken up from her latest call last week around 9 a.m.

Edwards described the caller as a young male with an accent identifying himself as Michael.

“Hi grandma, it’s your grandson,” said the caller, according to Edwards.

After she asked the caller for his name, Edwards was certain that it was a scam after the caller “corrected” himself to say it was her nephew.

Although the identified name matched a second complaint received by the Independent, Edwards described the caller threatening her and using profanity.

“I’m out here in front of your house on Front Street,” said the caller, according to Edwards.

The Woodburn Police Department tracked the caller, who reportedly made the call from Quebec, Canada, according to Edwards.

“If it’s truly a family member, like they say, then obviously you’ll be able to verify that before you’re able to help them out,” said WPD Capt. Jason Alexander.

Edwards mentioned WPD reassured her that the caller is far away and to report any similar incidents in the future.

Her first call involved the caller asking for her social security number, while the second call requested credit card information.

“Never give your credit card number, never give your banking information, your social security information — never give any of that information over the phone,” said Alexander. “If it’s a reputable business, they won’t ask you that kind of stuff.”

Woodburn resident Frances Dryden received her first suspicious phone call last week. She similarly described the caller as a male with an accent, calling her grandma and identifying himself as Michael.

“Woodburn is a hot bed for that kind of stuff,” said Dryden, as she described her experience with the unknown caller.

After the call occurred, Robert Dryden, Frances’ husband, went to the WPD to find that these calls are becoming more frequent.

Alexander advised those who answer these types of calls to hang up their phone, write down any information and the phone number listed and report it WPD immediately.