Woodburn’s Legion Park will get a makeover after Fiesta Mexicana in August and is expected to be complete when the fall season arrives.

The park’s master plan was scheduled to be discussed at the park board meeting on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.

The project plans include replacing existing restrooms and picnic pavilion facilities, adding a turf soccer field and field lighting, improving landscaping, tree thinning, an irrigation system, asphalt pathways, benches, picnic tables and removing RV electrical boxes and deteriorated fencing around the soccer field.

“The more parks that the city can have where the kids can play and families can go and get together definitely helps the city,” said Ricardo Rodriguez, Woodburn’s recreation and park board member. “Overall, I think the whole community is going to benefit from that improvement. I’m very excited that we’re moving forward to improve the park.”

The city was given a $278,000 grant for this project in the summer of 2013 from the state’s Parks and Recreation Department. The grant is distributed by the Local Government Grant Program funded through Oregon Lottery proceeds.

The remaining $185,000 of project costs were dedicated funds raised by systems development charges, which are earmarked for park development according to Jim Row, Woodburn’s community services director.

Smaller components of Legion Park’s project are underway including constructing a new Legion Park sign, the deteriorated fence removal around the soccer field, the replacement of one deteriorated soccer field light and the finishing touches being completed for the pavilion.

Deca Architecture has designed the picnic pavilion and restroom facility, while the remainder of the project’s improvement engineer work will be completed by Woodburn’s Public Works Department.

“This project will go a long way toward increasing recreational opportunities in Woodburn specifically in the northeastern section of Woodburn where Legion Park is located,” said Row. “Decades ago, Legion Park had vibrant and well used facilities.

“However, those facilities have fallen into disrepair and are no longer well used.”

In May 2013, the city partnered with Woodburn High School volunteers to install an archeologically themed nature play area, which replaced the deteriorated playground that was removed nearly 10 years ago, according to Row.

This project will help restore Legion Park as a vibrant hub for recreational activity in Woodburn.

Row mentioned he will be accepting the public’s input on Legion Park’s master plan survey for another week.

The survey will benefit future plan phases of its development. Row plans to use the survey’s results and comments from park board members, design team, staff and city council members to determine what features should be included for upcoming plans.

He looks forward to discussing Legion Park’s potential future project plans and encourages Woodburn residents to complete the Legion Park Master Plan Survey to give opinions on what could be built next.

“The current project focuses primarily on the southern half of the park,” Row said. “The draft master plan that we are now circulating for public feedback forms an updated vision for the redevelopment of the entire park.”

Phase two features, discussed at Tuesday’s meeting, focus on improvements to the north half of the park, including an artificial turf soccer field with new sports field lighting, a comprehensive paved pathway system with exercise stations, expanded play areas, a concrete basketball court and an amphitheater.

“Implementation of this plan would involve replacing the existing stadium with bleacher seating along the south side of the new soccer field,” said Row. “The existing building at the southeast corner of the soccer field would be converted back into a concession stand and the decommissioned restrooms that are accessible from the outside of that building would also be brought back into service.”

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