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Hidalgo-style Mexican restaurant to open in downtown Woodburn


by: JEFF MCDONALD  - Severo Trapala, one of four  brothers who will open the Trapala Restaurant by  Nov. 15, paints  the wall of the restaurant near the downtown plaza in Woodburn. The brothers plan to serve  Hidalgo-style  cuisine with meats cooked  offsite.   A group of brothers plans to open a Hidalgo-style restaurant in the heart of downtown Woodburn.

The Trapala Restaurant will feature meats cooked underground in the traditional Mexican style of the Hidalgo region, said Severo Trapalo, one of four brothers who plan to open the restaurant just off the Downtown Plaza by Nov. 15.

The brothers will use the “barbecoa” method of digging a hole in the ground and cooking meat up to seven hours in a pot underneath.

“It’s a totally different barbecue style,” said Trapala, who has been restaurant manager at Salishan Spa and Golf Resort at the coast in Gleneden Beach.

The restaurant, located at 430 N. First St., will serve breakfast and will feature a kids’ play area outside, Trapala said.

“We actually noticed we couldn’t find a place for good breakfast in downtown Woodburn,” he said.