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Feel Comfortable and Exercise with Your Peer Group

Brought to you by Tom Staskiewicz, general manager at Woodburn Estates & Golf - 55+ Lifestyle INSIDER -

Tom Staskiewicz, general manager, Woodburn Estates & GolfOne of the most frequent comments that I hear as general manager at Woodburn Estates & Golf is how nice it is for members to be among their peer group. It can be intimidating to exercise while watching younger people who are able to run faster, lift more or even just have a much better physique.

At Woodburn Estates & Golf, all of our homeowners are over fifty-five years old. All of our resident members are part of a non-profit corporation that owns all the common property, including the golf course and the club house. We follow rules and regulations in order to maintain our Home Owner’s Association (HOA) status and the quiet, peaceful environment that our members enjoy.

But in addition to our resident members, we offer three levels of associate membership for 50+ members. For $500 a year, social associates get access to all social activities except golf. Golf-only associates can play on our world-class golf course for $875 a year per player. A combined membership of both social activities and golf runs at a total of $1150 per year, $500 for the social membership with a discount of $650 per year for golf.

Many of our associate members are local Woodburn residents who enjoy our unique offerings. We are the only facility from Seattle to San Francisco that offers an 18-hole golf course, a swimming pool, spa, fitness center and clubhouse dedicated solely to the 50+ member! Woodburn Estates & Golf is conveniently located on Country Club Road just east of the I-5 Woodburn exit. For more information, call our office at 503-981-0189.



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