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Tualatin Public Library meets its lofty summer reading goal

Patrons report reading more than 50,000 hours, library announces.

TIMES FILE PHOTO - The Tualatin Public Library's patrons read more than 50,000 hours in total this summer, the library reported.The Tualatin Public Library challenged its patrons to read at least 50,000 hours in total this summer — the highest goal it has ever set for its summer reading program, according to library staff.

On Thursday, the library announced its summer total: 50,360 hours.

In a press release, children's librarian Sam Wikstrom said library staff are “so excited” that the goal was reached, based on the reading logs that were returned to the library by the end of August.

“We've seen entire families bring their logs back together, and that is precisely what we want,” Wikstrom added. “One of our goals for the program is to see parents and caregivers modeling good reading habits. Research shows that when parents read and make reading a priority in their households, children value reading more and have greater success at school.”

Because the goal was met, the library will be sponsoring a week in which library fines for overdue books and other materials will be waived, starting Sept. 17. However, only those who participated in summer reading and turned in their completed reading logs are eligible for fine forgiveness.

According to Wikstrom in the press release, the library also gave away some 4,000 books this summer.

By Mark Miller
Assistant Editor
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