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Tigard/Tualatin Police Log: Sept. 6-12


The Tigard Police Department reported the following arrests from Sept. 6 through Sept. 12: assault — 3; drug offenses — 2; robbery — 1; theft — 4; and warrant 3.

Monday, Sept. 12

• A homeless man sat outside Big 5 Sporting Goods, 11705 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• Someone spray-painted a penis on the back of a woman's car and painted over her license plate in the 10500 block of Windsor Court.

• A man was allegedly photographed sleeping on the patio of a vacant residence in the 14100 block of Barrows Road.

• A man carrying a large bag made “a big mess” as he went through the garbage in the 13400 block of Hawks Beard Street.

• A car driven by a person who seemed agitated drove in reverse through the parking lot of Whole Foods, 12220 S.W. Scholls Ferry Road.

• Two outdoor chairs were stolen in the 16100 block of 113th Avenue.

• At least two dogs were heard to bark “around the clock” in the 13300 block of 136th Place.

• A man said another man hit him in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway.

• A man offered to give someone “free stuff” in the 9600 block of Omara Street. When the person agreed, the man seemed to become angry about the transaction he had proposed.

• A man wearing a hot pink tank top and neon green sweatpants allegedly exposed his penis and waved at passersby in the area of Burnham and Main streets.

• “Creepy” men with bicycles were seen in the 9300 block of Commercial Street.

• A burglary was reported at Public Storage, 15700 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• Someone's window was punched and broken in the 13600 block of Pacific Highway.

• A loose dog chased people in the 11500 block of 72nd Avenue. Evidently, this is an ongoing issue.

• Two carfuls of people were reportedly seen smoking from a bong in Englewood Park, 10960 S.W. Springwood Dr.

Sunday, Sept. 11

• A drunk customer swore at an employee in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway. After being kicked out, he allegedly threatened to “come back and shoot the place.”

• A man reported being robbed in the 11200 block of 72nd Avenue, but when officers arrived, he was nowhere to be found.

• A woman in the 15300 block of Mazama Place bought a timeshare but was later unable to determine if the company she bought it from is real.

• A woman repeatedly refused to leave after being asked in the 9000 block of Washington Square Road.

• A man with a shopping cart yelled at an apartment complex across the street in the 11800 block of 91st Avenue.

• A woman said she felt threatened by a group of four teenagers who directed a sexist slur at her as she fished in the 17000 block of 92nd Avenue.

• A dog was allegedly left in a vehicle for five hours in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway.

• A group of people, some of whom appeared underage, drank and threw beer bottles in the 11500 block of 88th Avenue.

Saturday, Sept. 10

• Roosters crowed in the early morning in the area of Gaarde Street and 121st Avenue. This has been an ongoing issue.

• A person was detained after a man and a woman were reported to be loitering in the 14300 block of Pacific Highway.

Friday, Sept. 9

• A man reportedly sat on a fence in the area of Ames Lane and 121st Avenue.

• A man went through Dumpsters in the 13400 block of Hawks Beard Street.

• Garage sale signs put up in a neighborhood were allegedly stolen in the 13600 block of Westridge Terrace.

• An Xfinity work van was reported missing in the area of Canterbury Lane and Pacific Highway.

• A woman reported receiving a graphic call from a man who said he was watching her at SunsUp Tanning Center, 15532 S.W. Pacific Hwy.

• Someone called a woman in the 11100 block of 123rd Place claiming to be her grandson in jail, but it wasn't.

• A woman reported receiving threatening calls purportedly from court and the Internal Revenue Service in the 9700 block of Frewing Street.

• Fragrances were reported stolen from Ulta, 10206 S.W. Washington Square Road.

• A car drove off without its driver paying after fueling up at the 76 gas station at 15900 S.W. Upper Boones Ferry Road.

• A customer pulled up to the drive-up window at Taco Bell, 13305 S.W. Pacific Hwy., and then refused to move for at least 20 minutes because of an issue with her order.

• A woman said she purchased money orders but they fell out of her purse in the 15900 block of Hall Boulevard and someone else cashed them.

• A person reported being groped by a man in the 9300 block of Washington Square Road.

• A woman parked her dad's car in front of her garage in the 11300 block of 135th Avenue and returned to find it was gone. She later learned it had been towed.

Thursday, Sept. 8

• A woman said her dog was bitten by a loose pit bull while she was taking it for a walk in the area of Picks Way and 104th Avenue.

• An employee at Aaron's Furniture, 11745 S.W. Pacific Hwy., reported four theft cases to police.

• A woman said her daughter received threatening text messages from multiple people in the 9000 block of Durham Road.

• Suspected drug activity was reported at a house in the 8900 block of Hamlet Street. This has been an ongoing problem, with “a lot of traffic” alleged to be going on.

• Several items were reported stolen from a storage unit at SafeGard Mini Storage, 10585 S.W. Greenburg Road.

• A man said he was beaten up so badly that his teeth were knocked out by people who stole his headphones in the area of Locust and Lincoln streets.

• A person was arrested after an employee at Oregon Rifle Works, 12260 S.W. Main St., reported that two customers were trying to sell what he suspected to be stolen firearms.

• A man tried to climb up an emergency ladder on the side of a building in the 9800 block of Walnut Place.

• The lock was cut on a shed at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 11305 S.W. Bull Mountain Road.

• A motorist drove “aggressively” and got into a shouting match with another driver in the 7300 block of Hunziker Road, accusing her of following him.

• A man was told to leave someone's property in the 15100 block of Royalty Parkway, and he did.

• A dog was reported to have been left in a car in the 7300 block of Bridgeport Road.

• A man said someone pulled a gun and stuck it in his face in the 10800 block of 74th Avenue.

• Someone reported witnessing a possible drug deal in the 6700 block of Baylor Street.

Wednesday, Sept. 7

• A man and a woman suspected of being involved in drug activity loitered in the 11800 block of Pacific Highway.

• Tree trimming during peak traffic hours resulted in a “huge” backup on Durham Road between Hall Boulevard and 79th Avenue. A person who complained about the backup to police said workers were also blowing debris onto vehicles.

• A citation was issued over an injury crash in the 9400 block of Durham Road.

• A recycling bin was reported stolen in the 14100 block of 120th Place.

• A mailbox appeared damaged in the 14500 block of McFarland Boulevard.

• A man allegedly threatened a TriMet bus driver at a stop near the intersection of Greenburg Road and Cascade Avenue.

• A man said he was being threatened by women on a bus in the 8900 block of Commercial Street.

• A movie rental box was “smashed in” outside 7-Eleven, 12045 S.W. Hall Blvd.

• At least eight homeless people were “hanging out” in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway.

• The front window of a residence was smashed and the screen removed in the 6600 block of Taylors Ferry Road.

• Someone smoked marijuana outside another person's window in the 14700 block of 109th Avenue.

Tuesday, Sept. 6

• A dog barked in the 12100 block of Ann Place. This has been an ongoing issue.

• After waking up at Subway, 11634 S.W. Pacific Hwy., a woman was “wandering around” and refusing to leave before she eventually went back to sleep.

• A man trying to sell a motorcycle on Craigslist said he received a fraudulent check in the 9000 block of Reiling Street.

• A former employee was ordered to leave LaborWorks, 11527 S.W. Pacific Hwy., and told not to come back.

• A citation was issued after an injury crash on Greenburg Road at Highway 217.

• Four employee files were reported stolen at the Washington Square Hotel, 10830 S.W. Greenburg Road.

• Someone pushing a food cart reportedly struck a woman, injuring her foot, in the 9600 block of Washington Square Road.

• A man with a dog kept walking out into traffic at the intersection of Pacific Highway and Dartmouth Street.

• Someone complained about how a school bus was driving at the intersection of Hall Boulevard and Pacific Highway.

• License plates were taken from a vehicle in the 7700 block of Bonita Road.

• A man reported that after he put political signs up on his back fence in the 12100 block of Anton Drive, someone tore one of them down.

• A woman reported that her medication had been stolen in the 11600 block of Lomita Avenue.

• Ladders were stolen out of a truck in the 11700 block of Warner Avenue.

• A drunk man allegedly urinated on a building in the 11700 block of Pacific Highway.

• A burglary was reported in the 12300 block of Ames Lane.

• A man who appeared to be “faking being drunk” followed a woman he had bumped into and tried to pet her dog in the 10600 block of McDonald Street.


The Tualatin Police Department reported the following from Sept. 6 through Sept. 12: 714 calls for service, 20 traffic crashes and 13 arrests.

Monday, Sept. 12

• A man claimed someone hit him and knocked one of his teeth out in the 7800 block of Sagert Street. Police investigating the report found that he had claimed the same thing the previous year.

• A purse was stolen in the 17700 block of 65th Avenue.

• A Tigard man was arrested for outstanding warrants and driving with a revoked license in the area of Tualatin Road and Sweek Drive.

Sunday, Sept. 11

• A Tigard man was arrested for drunk driving and hit-and-run in the 8300 block of Nyberg Street.

Saturday, Sept. 10

• A Union City, Calif., man was arrested for violating the terms of a restraining order in the area of Mohave Court and Old Tualatin-Sherwood Road after reportedly being pulled over for traffic violations and found to be in the company of the protective party.

• A Sherwood man was cited for shoplifting at Fred Meyer, 19200 S.W. Martinazzi Ave.

• A vehicle was illegally entered and items were stolen in the 19800 block of 68th Avenue.

• A Tualatin man was arrested for driving drunk in the 8100 block of Tualatin-Sherwood Road.

• Shorts were reported stolen from Made Well, 7231 S.W. Bridgeport Road.

• Three pairs of jeans were stolen from Ann Taylor Loft, 7209 S.W. Bridgeport Road.

Friday, Sept. 9

• A Beaverton woman was arrested for drunk driving after crashing into the guardrail of the Nyberg Street overpass of Interstate 5.

• A $500 cellphone was stolen in the 19900 block of Boones Ferry Road.

• A person allegedly displayed a weapon in the area of 124th Avenue and Leveton Drive.

Thursday, Sept. 8

• A bicycle that had been chained to a light post was stolen in the 20400 block of Martinazzi Avenue.

Wednesday, Sept. 7

• A vehicle was reported to have been vandalized in the 19300 block of 65th Avenue.

• A $700 smartphone was reported stolen in the 17900 block of McEwan Road.

• A Snohomish, Wash., man was arrested for heroin possession and a Tukwila, Wash., man was arrested for methamphetamine possession after a reported fight in the 17800 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

Tuesday, Sept. 6

• A Portland man was arrested for heroin possession in the 18000 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

• The window of a vehicle was broken and a wallet was stolen from inside in the 19600 block of 67th Avenue.

• Someone broke the window of a vehicle and stole a purse from within in the 18000 block of Lower Boones Ferry Road.

• A Gladstone man was arrested on a felony warrant in the 17900 block of McEwan Road.

• A Pendleton woman was arrested for initiating a false report in the 19700 block of 65th Avenue after police said she confessed to pulling a fire alarm on purpose at the Meridian Park Apartments, 19765 S.W. 65th Ave., even though there was not an emergency.

• A Portland man was arrested for hit-and-run in the area of Martinazzi Avenue and Tualatin-Sherwood Road after he allegedly fled the scene of a two-vehicle crash.