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Nyberg Lane reopens to traffic after closure

The Tualatin River is receding and the low-lying road is mostly clear of water, Tualatin's public works director reported.

COURTESY OF THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE - The Tualatin River crested at about 113.5 feet above sea level at the Tualatin gauge, well shy of the 118-foot mark at which the National Weather Service considers it to be flooding, early Monday. The river did reach its minor flood stage upstream in Farmington.Nyberg Lane is open Wednesday at Browns Ferry Park, according to Tualatin's public works director.

Jerry Postema said high water that prompted a stretch of the road to be closed earlier this week has receded, allowing the city to reopen it late Tuesday despite some water remaining in the bike lane.

"We're just warning people to be cautious if they're riding bikes," Postema told The Times on Wednesday.

The Tualatin River crested above flood stage in the Farmington area on Saturday, according to National Weather Service readings at the gauge upstream from Tualatin. While the river rose in Tualatin, it did not reach the level at which the NWS considers it to be flooding in the city.

The river level has been on a downward trend at the Tualatin gauge since early Monday.

"Everything's looking good with the river going down and less rain," Postema said. "We like that."

Once Nyberg Lane is clear of any remaining water, Postema said, street sweeper crews will be dispatched to clean it up.

The city announced Nyberg Lane's closure just east of the Stonesthrow Apartments, adjacent to Browns Ferry Park and the Stafford Hills Club, on Monday morning. This week's closure was considerably shorter than in December 2015, when the road was closed due to high water for most of a two-week period.

By Mark Miller
Assistant Editor, The Times
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