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In-home help offers family caregivers a break

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COMFORCARE HOME CARE - Marissa PhillipsAs much as caregiving for a family member can be rewarding and meaningful, it's important to take a break once in a while to avoid exhaustion and burnout.

Whether your family needs a brief time away from the house, a weekend or a full-length vacation, ComForCare Home Care can help! We are licensed for In-Home Care, available 24/7, our caregivers are properly vetted through background checks and drug testing, and they're required to have training.

Our staff will come and do an assessment to make sure we can meet your loved one's needs. The RN will create a care plan specifically for the patient and we will identify the staff we feel will be a good fit. You are welcome to meet the caregiver at your home or at our office and ask questions.

The beauty of hiring an agency is that once you are in our system, it's easy to use our services in the future. We have several families we assist when they have appointments they need to attend alone. Many people start with these random times and, once they realize how relaxing it is to know that their loved one is cared for and safe, they start to plan regular outings.

For a full-length vacation, we can provide round-the-clock care that you can trust.

We have one family that calls us every summer to stay with Mom while the family goes camping in the wilderness for a week. It's been wonderful for all of them, including Mom.

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