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The benefits of all-inclusive senior living

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PACIFIC POINTE RETIREMENT INN - Maiya BurbankWhen you're looking for a senior community, there are many factors to consider, including budgetary concerns; how to make everyday tasks simpler; and having access to activities you enjoy doing.

If you've been looking awhile, you may have heard a blizzard of terms by now. Buy-in fees. Leases. Basic rent with few or no services included.

At Pacific Pointe Retirement Inn, we are a shining example of all-inclusive living. With a one-time community fee and your month-to-month lease comes the very real relief of not having to worry about -- or budget for -- home repair and maintenance, grocery shopping, how to get from place to place, or what to cook for dinner.

Your one check covers all your meals, utilities, cable, weekly housekeeping with linen service, activities and transportation. The one thing it does not cover is your monthly phone expenses.

When considering all-inclusive living, don't forget to include those costs in the equation.

With all the weather events we had this last winter, our residents were secure in the knowledge that they didn't have to worry about it. They just walked down the hall for dinner with friends, or enjoyed a game of pinochle or penny-ante poker.

With all-inclusive living, you do what you please on your own time.

Pacific Pointe Retirement Inn is here to give you options, without the burden of additional expenses.

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