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Portico in the storm

Brought to you by Linda Elder, Woodland Heights Assisted Living Residence - ASSISTED LIVING INSIDER -

WOODLAND HEIGHTS - Linda ElderThere was a downpour the morning she hurriedly entered the welcoming covered portico and came into the living room.

It was a warm and cheery respite from the storm, with the fireplace flickering and three ladies chatting while waiting for our bus to take them shopping. We call that room the living room, not the lobby, as it is a room for our residents; it's one of the subtle differences between our independent and locally owned facility and the big corporate-owned buildings.

As our staff approached Laura Jane and greeted her, she said she might need to find an assisted living for her mother. A neighbor had suggested she call Woodland Heights because his father lived here and loved it.

Laura Jane said through tears, "I've been taking care of my mother and I don't think I can do it anymore. She's having trouble walking and my back hurts from helping her. I feel so bad, and I don't know how assisted living works."

We walked Laura Jane around the property, showed her our spacious rooms with quiet views of the woodlands, gardens and no busy streets.

We realized, once again, how overwhelming this moment can be for many people. For us, with our years of experience, it seems easy -- but for Laura Jane, it was daunting.

We talked for an hour, answering her questions. For you too, we will give you the gift of caring and time with no pressure.

We may be your portico in the storm.

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