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Is home care right for you?

Brought to up by Marissa Phillips - ComForCare Home Care - IN-HOME CARE INSIDER -

COMFORCARE HOME CARE - Marissa PhillipsHome care is especially useful for persons who need nursing, therapy or aide services. You may need help if you are dealing with one or more of the following:

  • You have trouble getting around (for example, after a hospital stay or an accident)
  • You have wounds that need to be cleaned, you need injections or other treatments
  • You need to learn more about your medical condition(s) and how to monitor them (for example, checking your blood pressure or your blood sugar)
  • You need help with bathing, dressing and meal preparation
  • You need care and emotional support when in the final stages of an incurable disease.
  • Home care and house calls are needed for some patients for a limited amount of time, but others require house visits on an ongoing basis.

    In order to qualify for Medicare coverage, the person must be "confined to home." Medicare describes "confined to home" as follows:

    You do not have to be bedridden to be considered confined to the home.

    You should have a condition that makes it hard for you to leave home.

    You are allowed to leave your home to:

  • See a healthcare professional
  • Go to a religious service
  • Go on occasional outings such as a walk around the block, to go to a family reunion, or other unique events as long as they are not on a regular basis.
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