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Failing furnace chills warmth of family feast

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SPECIALTY HEATING & COOLING - Norm MatheisThe winter holidays are no time to have your furnace go kerflooey.

The Norman Rockwell ideal, with the smiling family gathering around the turkey to give thanks, becomes a feast of frowns when the heat goes off.

Depend on Specialty Heating and Cooling to keep you and your guests comfortable and the holidays festive.

Your HVAC system should have annual maintenance. This is a great investment and should be done at the turn of fall or winter. Maintenance appointments will help identify any potential problem areas that may be unseen that could lead to expensive repairs later down the road.

And of course, call us at the first sign of trouble so that we can service your system.

Meanwhile, what can you do?

Make sure your filters are clean. Clogged filters can disrupt the flow of air to your home. Not only that, dirty filters can trip safety switches inside the furnace. Check your filters regularly and replace them as needed.

Don’t ignore unusual sounds. If you’ve noticed some strange sounds coming out of your system recently, or if the system doesn’t seem to be acting right, don’t ignore these signs any longer. Unusual sounds can be a sign that a part replacement or repair is needed. If you’re not sure, our team of experienced technicians can help accurately diagnose the problem and make sure that the system is fixed so you’re comfortable.

Our team is here to help make sure your holidays are warm and happy. Give us a call at 503-946-6396.

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