Music in the golden years

Music in the golden years

Along a dark, slanting road in Metzger, music filled the air. It was coming from a low-ceilinged...

Tualatin artist paints in the open air

Tualatin artist paints in the open air

On a hot afternoon late in September, behind a stock of sunflowers at Luscher Farms,...

Playing a palette of sound

Playing a palette of sound

While all his high school classmates were listening to Led Zeppelin back in the early 1970s,...

'CraneAge' comes to Beaverton's Art On Broadway Gallery

'CraneAge' comes to Beaverton's Art On Broadway Gallery

For most of us, folded paper means envelopes, newspapers or advertising. At Beaverton’s Art...

Actress relishes coming 'home'  from New York

Actress relishes coming 'home' from New York

Rebecca Teran got her Portland start at Broadway Rose and returns for 'Fly By Night' after nearly...

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Brought to you by Nancy Felton, Crescent Grove Cemetery - Cemetery & Mausoleum INSIDER -

CRESCENT GROVE CEMETERY - Nancy FeltonIn August, TIME magazine featured a story about cremation, which for the first time in U.S. history passed traditional burial rates.

According to industry figures collected by TIME, the cremation rate rose to 49 percent in 2015, while the burial rate slipped to 45 percent.

That’s a huge change in a generation. In 1980, fewer than 10 percent of consumers chose cremation. In Oregon, the cremation rate is quite a bit higher at 76 percent.

While the reasons for choosing cremation or burial vary — and are highly personal — planning you own final arrangements will ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Preplanning will:

Relieve their burden. The passing of a loved one is an emotional, heart-wrenching period for all involved. The last thing your family and friends need is to make these decisions for you. This can be prevented by taking care of the details yourself.

Stop the guessing. Don’t ask your family to play detective. If you do not prearrange your services, your loved ones can’t be sure they’ve honored your last requests.

Ensure quality. Every cemetery and funeral home is different. Researching options now will help you find the location and setting that will fulfill your needs.

Crescent Grove Cemetery & Mausoleum is Tigard’s only nonprofit, non-denominational cemetery.

Call, click or visit us today for more information on prearrangement at one of the oldest cemeteries in Oregon.

Crescent Grove Cemetery & Mausoleum

9925 SW Greenburg Rd.

Tigard, OR  97223


Brought to you by Annette Saarinen, AccounTax of Oregon - Accounting INSIDER -

ACCOUNTAX OF OREGON - Annette SaarinenTo help preserve the integrity of tax returns, the IRS is implementing new strategies for 2016 Taxes.

For the Earned Income Tax Credit, the IRS is asking for more proof of due diligence for each taxpayer.

The American Opportunity Tax Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, and the tuition and fees deduction will all require a form 1098-T with the federal ID number of the institution. The taxpayer must figure out how much they actually paid.

The Child Tax Credit will also be covered by the due diligence requirements. More questions will be asked about residency.

Taxpayers counting on these large refundable credits should know that the IRS will not process them until February 15, 2017. You may need to budget accordingly. The IRS is asking for those who can file early to please do so to avoid a bottleneck.

They are requiring businesses to e- file the 1099 and W-2s by January 31, 2017 so they can compare the W-2 income to tax returns. These new rules are being implemented based on the Security Summit results. The Security Summit is made up of business volunteers and government staff to address ID Theft and Fraudulent returns.

The Affordable Care Act will require tax preparers to review form 1095-A, B, or C in order to prepare a client’s return. The “Shared Responsibility” extra tax for not having health coverage has gone up substantially.

If you are need of a Health Insurance review, AccounTax has several contacts for referral.

Accountax of Oregon

8050 SW Pffafle St., Suite 110

Tigard, OR 97223


Brought to you by Kara Tobey, Prestige Senior Living Riverwood - Retirement Living INSIDER -

EPRESTIGE CARE RIVERWOOD - Kara Tobeyvery 11 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency department for a fall-related injury, according to the National Council on Aging.

Many of these falls are preventable. Here are six simple steps to prevent falling:

· Find a good balance and exercise program. Look to build balance, strength and flexibility with an activity such as tai chi. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging for referrals. Find a program you like and take a friend.

· Talk to your health care provider. Share your history of recent falls and ask for an assessment of your risk of falling.

· Regularly review your medications with your doctor or pharmacist. Make sure side effects aren’t increasing your risk of falling. Take medications only as prescribed.

· Get your vision and hearing checked annually and update your eyeglasses.

· Keep your home safe by removing tripping hazards, increasing lighting, making stairs safe and installing grab bars in key areas.

· Talk to your family members and caregivers. Enlist their support in taking simple steps to stay safe.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends that patients and caregivers check out its STEADI program (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries) online at The link includes educational materials and brochures for patients, as well as videos, tests, fact sheets and case studies for providers.

Falls are not an inevitable part of aging. Here at Prestige Care, we know how important it is to keep our residents safe, healthy and happy.

Prestige Senior Living - Riverwood

18321 SW Pacific Highway

Tualatin, OR 97062


Brought to you by Linda Elder, Woodland Heights Assisted Living Residence - Assisted Living INSIDER -

WOODLAND HEIGHTS ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENCE - Linda ElderA frequently asked question we get is, “What’s the difference between the different types of senior facilities?” Here’s an overview of Independent, Assisted Living, and Memory Care:

Independent Living appears much like an apartment building, but is limited to seniors. They provide some meals and usually social activities, events and outings and shopping via their vehicles. Some also have care options where they contract with a home health group to provide you things like shower assistance, companionship, and medication assistance at an additional charge.

Assisted Living is similar in the physical building, but in addition, they have staff awake 24 hours a day to provide a full range of services. Assisted Living is regulated by the State of Oregon to assure that care is provided safely. Assisted Living facilities have an RN on site to oversee medical care. Residents can select from minimum care services up to full care. Full meals are served.

Memory Care is a specialized facility to care for our seniors that have dementia. These buildings have a locked access to the outside for safety. The staff has specific training related to dementia.

Woodland Heights is a licensed Assisted Living facility. Several of our residents are completely independent and require no care. They choose to live here because they know care is immediately available if their health suddenly changes. It gives them a sense of security.

Woodland Heights Assisted Living

9355 SW McDonald St., Portland OR 97224


Brought to you by Griffin Hampson - Cartridge-Network - PRINTER, INK & TONER INSIDER -

CARTRIDGE-NETWORK - Griffin HampsonConsumers, office managers, owners and non-profits routinely make the same expensive mistake when replacing printer cartridges.

We experience it daily. A business wants a standard or “low-yield” cartridge and is surprised to learn about a “high-yield” cartridge for the printer in question. The previous vendor never mentioned how they can reduce their cost-per-page by at least 30% with name brand high-yield cartridges, and significantly more with factory remanufactured or compatible alternatives.

For office and business laser printers, determine if there is a high-yield cartridge. Not doing so costs your organization dearly. Office superstores generally do not mention the high-yield cartridge unless asked.

Retail “tricks of the trade” are numerous. The ink cartridge “Value Pack” is rarely a real savings. Typically there is a high-yield black and low-yield colors. The cost-per-page is 30% or more than high-yield cartridges’. General merchandisers (Walmart, Target & Fred Meyer) usually do not sell high-yield cartridges so your per-page cost will always be the most expensive.

As a full service independent, non-franchise operation located in Raleigh Hills, on the Portland – Beaverton border, Cartridge Network sells and services printers and copiers. “We stock several dozen different printer models (inkjet and laser) and copiers too. We focus on a buyer’s needs and then explore alternatives to best meet their needs. We stock several thousand different ink & laser toner cartridges and offer free shipping.


6800 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225

(503) 246-0665

Brought to you by Norm Matheis, Specialty Heating & Cooling - Heating & Cooling INSIDER -

SPECIALTY HEATING & COOLING - Norm MatheisThere’s a nip in the air. Leaves are falling, sunny days are dwindling. It won’t be long before you’ll reach over to turn your furnace on.

Before that day arrives, is your furnace ready to go? Has it been checked or tuned up? Don’t wait until the chilly, busy season to find out your furnace isn’t working properly or needs to be replaced. Specialty Heating can do the job for you and if necessary, recommend repairs or replacement.

If the words “furnace replacement” put a lump in your throat, they needn’t.

Furnaces cost between $4,000 and $8,000, depending on the efficiency, size and overall scope of the installation. If you have an older gas furnace and upgrade to a new one, you could possibly see a reduction in your energy bills.

On a new gas furnace, customers can save up to $1,150 with a combination of tax credits and various incentives, depending on the gas furnace they choose.  They can also save up to $3,825 on a new HVAC system that includes a furnace and outdoor unit for cooling, either an A/C or Heat Pump.

Beat the rush before the temperatures drop; Carrier Cool Cash ends Nov 15.  Link to our special offers page:

Financing is available and can be customized to your budget with low payments, no interest, and no payments and no interest same-as-cash financing options.  Here is the link to our financing page:

Give us a call. We’re here to help.

Specialty Heating & Cooling

7500 SW Tech Center Drive, Suite 130

Tigard, OR 97223


Brought to you by Dr. Daniel Beebe, Beebe Chiropractic & Wellness - Chiropractic INSIDER -

BEEBE CHIROPRACTIC & WELLNESS - Dr. Daniel BeebeFirst pregnancies among women age 35 and up have jumped significantly in the last few decades -- in Oregon and across the country, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Oregon is among several states where the first-birth rate since 1990 rose 40 percent or more among women aged 35-44.

For a healthy pregnancy, chiropractic care should be strongly considered. For those who are in discomfort or pain, chiropractic care can be extremely helpful.

Chiropractic is very safe during pregnancy. There are no contraindications against it, according to a New Zealand study by J.M. Fallon with the International Chiropractic Association.

In addition to its safety and effectiveness, chiropractic can significantly reduce time spent in labor. The Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics reports:

· With chiropractic care, first-time mothers have a 25 percent decrease in labor time.

· Subsequent pregnancies have a 33 percent decrease in labor time.

· Women who experience back pain during pregnancy find relief from chiropractic care in 85 percent of cases and the treatment can dramatically reduce back labor.

Subluxation (when bones such as vertebrae move and create pressure on nerves) often occurs to mothers during gestation. It’s easy to see postural changes through pregnancy – the center of gravity changes, the weight of the baby places increased pressure on the spine and pelvis, and towards the end of the pregnancy, changes are seen in gait pattern (often called the “waddle”).

Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy may include handwork or dropleaf tables, always with the mother’s comfort in mind.

Beebe Chiropractic & Wellness Center

13500 SW 72nd Ave.


Tigard, Oregon 97223

Brought to you by Dr. Quenton Gebeau, Q Family Dental - Dental INSIDER -

Q FAMILY DENTAL - Dr. Quenton GebeauPerhaps you had a particularly irritating commute home from work, and you realize that your jaw was clenched tight the entire time. Or maybe you grind your teeth when nervous or anxious.

Most people grind their teeth from time to time, but it’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms of chronic tooth grinding. Known as bruxism, this condition can lead to oral health problems and dental issues if left uncorrected.

Your partner might notice or hear you grind your teeth while you sleep. People who grind their teeth on a regular basis often do so during the night, and aren’t necessarily aware it is happening.

You might experience a persistent and unexplained headache if you grind your teeth often. Take note of any headaches you may have that you can’t attribute to any other source, especially if you wake up with a headache.

Your jaw will more than likely become sore and tired if you suffer from bruxism. If you wake up in the morning and have any discomfort or fatigue in your jaw, grinding may be the culprit.

While many people associate tooth-grinding with stress, it can be caused by crooked teeth, an over bite or under bite. If left untreated, bruxism can lead to complications such as dental injuries, hearing loss, and the onset of Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction (TMD).

If you think you might be a chronic tooth grinder, contact us at Q Family Dental and Dr. Gebeau will be happy to help with the best treatment options for you!

Q Family Dental

9370 SW Greenburg Rd.

Tigard OR 97223


Brought to you by Marissa Phillips, ComForCare Home Care - Home Care INSIDER -

COMFORCARE HOME CARE - Marissa PhillipsAs our population ages and healthcare improves, we are seeing a higher rate of dementia in our population.

ComForCare Home Care and other agencies are now specializing in this area and are able to support not only the individual living with it, but the families as well.

September is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and in this spirit, ComForCare Home Care will be hosting FREE Workshops for professionals and family members on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at Embassy Suites, 9000 SW Washington Square Rd., Tigard.

The workshop for professionals will take place from 8 am to 12:15 pm. All attendees will receive 3 CEU.

The family workshop from 2 to 4:30 pm will cover methods that can be implemented in your home quickly and change the way you manage life moving forward.

Previous attendees have RAVED about this workshop, saying they wished they knew this stuff months ago and “It’s great to know I’m not alone in this.”

Through our DementiaWise program, ComForCare delivers custom, in-home care services designed to make your loved one’s days better. We take special care to recognize behavioral triggers to help prevent or reduce any challenging dementia behaviors.

With the help of our specially trained caregivers, our home care services allow individuals with any type or stage of dementia do more of what they enjoy in the familiarity and comfort of their own home.

For more information or to register, call 971-801-7606 or visit

ComForCare Home Care

10580 SW McDonald St., Ste. 202

Tigard OR 97224


Brought to you by Griffin Hampson - Cartridge-Network - PRINTER, INK & TONER INSIDER -

CARTRIDGE-NETWORK - Griffin HampsonOK, envision this. Why? Since we can’t include the actual image of our Free 2016 Duck & Beaver magnet schedule for fans in this column, we’ll guide you to seeing it.

To view our 2016 Ducks and Beavers game schedule refrigerator magnets, visit our landing page.

If you’re a fan or someone who follows either team, you can decide if you want to swing by our store and get your free complimentary 2016 season schedule after seeing it.

Our other seasonal promotion is “Back to School”, of course. Teachers and students save 15% off already low pricing on all non-OEM, factory remanufactured or compatible ink or laser printer cartridges. The extra savings last through late September. Again, click to the landing page.

Seniors and non-profits always enjoy a 10% savings off already low pricing on all non-OEM, factory remanufactured or compatible ink or laser printer cartridges.

And all customers get every 11th cartridge free.

As a full-service independent, non-franchise operation located in Raleigh Hills, on the Portland – Beaverton border, Cartridge Network sells and services printers and copiers.

“We stock several dozen different printer models (inkjet and laser) and copiers too. We focus on a buyer’s needs and then explore alternatives to best meet their needs.”

We stock several thousand different cartridges. Shipping is free.


6800 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225

(503) 246-0665

Brought to you by Pacific Medical Group - Family Practice INSIDER -

PACIFIC MEDICAL GROUP - TigardYes, because at Pacific Medical Group in Tigard, we are a Patient-Centered Primary Care Medical Home.  We will better coordinate your care to get you the services you need, when you need them. 

We listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We offer after-hours help and alternatives to the emergency room or urgent care.  We help you play an active role in your health.  As your Patient-Centered Medical Home, we ask that you make us aware of any other providers or clinics that may be assisting you with your healthcare needs.

At Pacific Medical Group, we can care for all ages, from newborns to seniors.  We provide vaccinations for infants, pediatric care to growing children, and treat sports injuries. For adults, we offer chronic disease management for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We stress preventative medicine for the whole family, and also offer gynecological care for women and girls.

At our location, we have care management, physical therapy, bone density screening, an on-site laboratory and X-ray services.  We treat on-the-job injuries and can do minor procedures and biopsies.  Our Electronic Medical Records ensures accurate and efficient care.  We offer Online Services to help manage your care by allowing you to view lab results, request prescription refills, schedule routine appointments, pay your bill online, and email your provider.

We are accepting new patients and look forward to assisting you with all your healthcare needs. 

Pacific Medical Group - Tigard

13200 SW Pacific Hwy

Tigard, OR. 97223


M-F 7:30 am-7 pm/Sat 9 am-1 pm

Brought to you by Kara Tobey, Prestige Senior Living Riverwood - Senior Living INSIDER -

PRESTIGE SENIOR LIVING RIVERWOOD - Kara TobeySeptember is Healthy Aging month — a great time to consider ways to reinvent yourself.

According to Carolyn Worthington, editor-in-chief of Healthy Aging Magazine, it’s never too late to find a new career, sport, passion or hobby. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Be pos­i­tive in your con­ver­sa­tions and your actions every day. When you catch your­self com­plain­ing, check your­self right there and change the con­ver­sa­tion to some­thing pos­i­tive.

Walk like a vibrant, healthy per­son. Come on. You can prob­a­bly do it. Ana­lyze your gait. Do you walk slowly because you have just become lazy or, per­haps, have a fear of falling? (Tip: Make a con­scious effort to take big strides, walk with your heel first, and wear com­fort­able shoes.)

Lonely? Stop brood­ing and com­plain­ing about hav­ing no friends or fam­ily. Do some­thing about it now. Right this minute. Pick up the phone, land­line, or cell and make a call to do one or more of the fol­low­ing: Vol­un­teer your time, Take a class, invite some­one to meet for lunch, brunch, din­ner, or cof­fee.

Get outdoors! Start walk­ing not only for your health but to see the neigh­bors. Have a dog? You’ll be amazed how the dog can be a con­ver­sa­tion starter. (Tip: If you don’t have time for a dog, go to your local ani­mal shel­ter and vol­un­teer.)

Make this month the time to set up your annual phys­i­cal and other health screen­ings. Go to the appoint­ments and then, hope­fully, you can stop wor­ry­ing about ail­ments for a while.

Prestige Senior Living - Riverwood

18321 SW Pacific Highway

Tualatin, OR 97062


Tigard's Features

IMAGES COURTESY DAVID FURNAL - Beaverton artist David Furnal said that his move to Oregon has opened up new niches to share his artwork and coincided with his success in the Illustrators of the Future contest.
October 21, 2016

Illustrating the future

by Miles Vance
Local artist David Furnal is a finalist in the Illustrators of the Future contest For Beaverton’s David Furnal, a recent change of venue may have been the best thing that could have happened to his illustration career. Furnal, 32, left Los Angeles…
October 21, 2016


by The Times
Tualatin High School graduate Katie Ogden has announced her engagement to Erik Martino of Baltimore, Md. Ogden, the daughter of Lou and Cindy Ogden, graduated from Tualatin High in 2009, from The George Washington University in 2013, and is…
COURTESY POSTER - Beaverton's Experience Theatre Project plans to scare you silly in classic, Gothic fashion at its Oct. 29 fundraiser, sharing ghost stories told by actors portraying famous Gothic authors at decarli restaurant in Beaverton.
October 20, 2016

Experience Theatre offers ghostly, Gothic fundraiser

by The Times
It’s a good time of year to be scared. And for Beaverton’s Experience Theatre Project, it’s also a good time to raise money. At 6 p.m. Oct. 29, Experience Theatre Project will bring those two things together, welcoming guests — and the spirits of…

COURTESY: OREGON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - 'Baseball's Magna Carta' exhibit at Oregon Historical Society includes the 'Laws of Base Ball' document.
October 13, 2016

Take me out to the...Oregon Historical Society

by Jason Vondersmith
Historical Society extends exhibit of baseball's original laws till Oct. 16 It’s baseball playoffs time, and there’s also still time to see the Oregon Historical Society’s display on America’s Pastime — in particular the document known as…
COURTESY: PORTLAND ART MUSEUM - Andy Warhol's set of famed Marilyn Monroe prints will be on display at Portland Art Museum, Oct. 8-Jan. 1.
October 13, 2016

Warhol prints, not paintings, are focus of new Portland Art Museum exhibit

by Jason Vondersmith
Visit the Portland Art Museum in the next three months, and it’d be hard to miss the Andy Warhol exhibit. The some 250 Warhol prints, courtesy of the Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation collection, will take up 10,000 square feet of…
SUBMITTED PHOTO - Ceramic artist Kris Paul will display her work as the featured member artist at Beaverton's Art On Broadway for October. Paul's exhibit is titled 'Marks of Resistance.'
October 06, 2016

Ceramic artist to showcase works at Art on Broadway

by The Times
“One of the most terrifying moments for me is to stare at a blank piece,” said ceramic artist Kris Paul. Paul will face her fear, and display her work, as the featured member artist at Beaverton’s Art On Broadway for October. Paul’s exhibit at Art…
Brides will definitely want to check out the Wedding Attire Fashion Show which will be held on both Saturday and Sunday at Noon and 3 p.m.
September 30, 2016

Plan your dream wedding at the Oregon Wedding Showcase

by Andrew Kilstrom
The large bridal event opens Oct. 1 and 2 at the Oregon Convention Center What is it that makes a wedding? Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience; they’re the biggest party you’ll ever throw. What really makes a wedding, however, is the unique…
SUBMITTED PHOTO - Visitors to the Murray Scholls Library can learn how to make origami crafts while celebrating the Origami Yoda book series from 4 to 5 p.m. Monday.
September 29, 2016

Out & About

by Ravleen Kaur
Theater ‘Fly By Night’ — Broadway Rose Theatre Company presents “Fly By Night,” a darkly comic musical about a gypsy prophecy that sets off a star-crossed journey of love and connection. The production runs Thursdays through Sundays through October…
SUBMITTED - Beaverton painter Jan Bowman is one of almost 50 artists who will have their work on display and for sale at the seventh annual Celebrate the Gifts Art Festival at Calvin Presbyterian Church in Tigard on Saturday and Sunday.
September 29, 2016

It's time to celebrate art at Calvin Presbyterian

by The Times
Tigard church hosts its seventh annual art show, sale. It’s time to celebrate. In this case, it’s time for the seventh annual Celebrate the Gifts Art Festival, set for 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday at Calvin Presbyterian…
Raymond and Joyce Lockard.
September 29, 2016

ANNIVERSARY: Raymond and Joyce Lockard

by Miles Vance
Raymond and Joyce Lockard of Beaverton celebrated their 65th anniversary on Sept. 16. Married in the Community Church of Nezperce, Idaho, the Lockards celebrated their day with 80 guests at The Clubhouse at Seminole Estates Retirement Community in…
These are a few of the 2015 quilts that won top honors at last years NW Quilting Expo. Attendees of the show will be amazed by the quality of all the quilts. 2015 Best in Show: 'Hard Times' by Lynn Czaban
September 23, 2016

NW Quilting Expo - Bigger and better than ever

by Andrew Kilstrom
The northwest's largest quilt expo runs through this Saturday at Portland Expo Center The Northwest Quilting Expo is back for a 16th edition, and it’s bigger and better than ever – again. If that seems like a recurring theme — the expo growing in…
COURTESY PHOTO - Put on your Santa hat and give Tualatin Valley Harmony Masters a whirl this holiday season. Rehearsals are beginning now for holiday performances.
September 20, 2016

Like to sing? Try barbershop

by Kathy Fuller
The Tualatin Valley Harmony Masters barbershop chorus invites men of all ages to give barbershop harmony a try. Rehearsals are beginning now for Christmas season performances. Director Chuck Olson invites men who enjoy singing to give it a try and…
PORTLAND TRIBUNE: JAIME VALDEZ - Bhai Manpreet Singh & Team of Sikh Center of Oregon perform Sikh hymns by playing a harmonium and tabla  rum during  a 9/11 Interfaith event at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Portland.
September 15, 2016

Building bridges, healing hearts

by Ravleen Kaur
Interfaith event brings communities together to commemorate 9/11 attacks, organize for social change Fifteen years ago, Reverend Michael Ellick was working as a financial advisor in Manhattan when terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers. Ellick,…
TIMES FILE PHOTO - Alter Wiener, one of last Holocaust survivors in the Portland area, will speak during this lecture from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 24 at the Sherwood Public Library.
September 15, 2016

Out & About

by Ravleen Kaur
Theater Sneak Peak of ‘The Addams Family’ — Beaverton Civic Theatre presents a sneak peak of its upcoming production of “The Addams Family” during an event from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29 at the Beaverton City Library. Audience members are…
September 15, 2016

Religion Notes

by Ravleen Kaur
Holy Trinity Social Justice Committee sponsors candlelight vigil on Sept. 30 In conjunction with Campaign Nonviolence, Holy Trinity Social Justice Committee will hold an Ecumenical Candlelight Vigil for peace from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20.…
September 15, 2016

Weekly Meetings

by Ravleen Kaur
Beaverton Area Coffee Connection — The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce holds a weekly networking meeting on Friday mornings. From 7:45 to 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 16, the meeting will be hosted Carlson Law Group and Century 21 Wright & Assoc., 12655…
Karina Shah
September 15, 2016

Westview Girl Scout serves seniors with Gold Award project

by Miles Vance
While Girl Scouts are, by the very nature of their organization, youthful, Karina Shah focused on helping the elderly in her Gold Award project. Shah, 17 and a senior at Westview High School, created for her Gold Award project a summer day camp for…
COURTESY: CASEY CAMPBELL PHOTOGRAPHY - Arianne Jacques as Elaine, Eric St. Cyr as Benjamin and Kymberli Colbourne as Mrs. Robinson star in Bag&Baggage's upcoming production of 'The Graduate.'
September 15, 2016

Bag&Baggage aims to seduce with a familiar tale

by Michael Sproles
Benjamin Braddock has just finished college and, back at his parents’ house, he’s trying to avoid the one question everyone keeps asking — what does he want to do with his life? The tale of the young man’s first disastrous sexual odyssey is coming…
TIMES FILE PHOTO - Beaverton Civic Theatre will present a sneak peak of its upcoming production of 'The Addams Family' during an event from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29 at the Beaverton City Library.
September 08, 2016

Out and About

by Ravleen Kaur
Theater Open Auditions for Northwest Senior Theatre — Adults 55 and older are invited to audition for Northwest Senior Theatre’s Musical Variety Show, which is looking for new cast members for the 2016-17 season. Auditions are at 10:30 a.m.…
TIMES PHOTO BY JAIME VALDEZ - Holocaust survivor Alter Wiener will share his experiences at the Sherwood Center for the Arts on Sept. 24.
September 08, 2016

Survivor, storyteller

by Ravleen Kaur
Alter Wiener to share his Holocaust experiences with audiences for the 975th time in Sherwood Late this summer, Alter Wiener took a moment to peer through his apartment window at a row of trees specked with red. “Look out there ... how beautiful it…
September 08, 2016

Weekly Meetings

by Ravleen Kaur
Beaverton Area Coffee Connection — The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce holds a weekly networking meeting on Friday mornings. From 7:45 to 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 9, the meeting will be hosted at The Springs at Tanasbourne, 1950 NW 192nd Ave. in…
September 08, 2016

ELCA congregations work to improve communities

by Miles Vance
Christ the King Lutheran Church in Tigard is one of nearly 10,000 congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) participating in “God’s work. Our hands” on Sunday. Across the country, thousands of ELCA members are engaging in…
PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP FILE PHOTO - The Alpine Echoes Band will provide the sounds, and vendors normally found at the famous Mount Angel Oktoberfest will provide the food and beer.
September 08, 2016

If it's September, it must be Oktoberfest

by Pamplin Media Group
For more than a decade, West Linn’s Oktoberfest celebration has offered all the requisite items: bratwurst and beer, accordions, and lederhosen. This year, local brewery Feckin Irish Brewing Company joins the mix, bringing its unique Irish flare to…
TIMES PHOTO BY JAIME VALDEZ - Jennifer Whitaker of Beaverton visits with Andy McCandless, founder/organizer of Michelle's Love. Whitaker who has breast and thyroid cancer, has been receiving prepared meals by Dream Dinners through Michelle's Love organization.
September 01, 2016

Serving up love

by Ravleen Kaur
Michelle's Love provides meals, financial assistance, and everyday help for single moms with cancer Four years ago, when Jennifer Whitaker learned she had breast cancer, the only person she had by her side was her daughter, Mac, who was 9 years old.…
TIMES PHOTO: MILES VANCE - During Experience Theatre Project's June production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at The Round in Beaverton, Oberon (Murren Kennedy, right) tells Puck (Catherine Olson) to use a special flower to make Lysander (Matthew Sunderland) fall in love with the next creature he sees.
September 01, 2016

Recent grant guarantees more from Experience Theatre

by Miles Vance
The group pledges to continue its summer Shakespeare productions. If you liked the Experience Theatre Project’s summertime production of “A Misummer Night’s Dream,” then this is a good day for you. Experience Theatre Project, which staged its first…

Don't miss the local news

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Jonathan Gillespie (right) shows off the new courtyard he helped create at Westside Christian High School in Tigard in August 2015 for his Eagle Scout project.
Sep 01, 2016

Jonathan Gillespie soars through Eagle Scout project at Westside…

by Miles Vance
Jonathan Gillespie made sure that his Eagle Scout project helped Westside Christian High School soar. Gillespie, 17, planned and coordinated the project when he was a 16 and a junior at Westside…
Sep 01, 2016

Sherwood's Class of 1953 plans reunion for Sept. 14

by The Times
The Sherwood High School Class of 1953 is holding a reunion Sept. 14 and invites everyone from that class to come and have a good time. The event will be a potluck, so everyone is invited to…
TIMES PHOTO: JOHN LARIVIERE - Conductor Jeff Williams leads a recent rehearsal of the Rose City Trombones as the group prepares for its upcoming trip to China.
Aug 25, 2016

'Bones in the spotlight

by Ravleen Kaur
The Rose City Trombones are traveling to China next month to perform, represent the U.S. “One, two, three, four, one, two, three!” said Jeff Williams as he conducted the musicians of the Rose…
SUBMITTED PHOTO - Portland ceramic artist Thom Caccamo will display several of his pieces at Beavertons Art on Broadway gallery throughout the month of September.
Aug 25, 2016

Stark shapes highlight ceramics exhibit at Art on Broadway

by The Times
Show features the work of Portland ceramicist Thom Caccamo Art is the center of Thom Caccamo. He has made art, looked at art and collected art for most of his life. Although he has made ceramics…
FILE PHOTO - Sixteen Sherwood Old Town shops hosted over 200 visitors during the most recent Art Walk; the next iteration is scheduled for Sept. 15
Aug 25, 2016

Out and About

by Ravleen Kaur
Theater Open Auditions for Northwest Senior Theatre — Adults 55 and older are invited to audition for Northwest Senior Theatre’s Musical Variety Show, which is looking for new cast members for…
COURTESY: PORTLAND FRUIT BEER FESTIVAL - Pizza and beer are a tasty combination at the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, which has accentuated the hunger (and thirst) for libations made from fruit. The trend has been a boon for the Northwest fruit industry.
Aug 25, 2016

Portland's fruit beer scene ripens

by Jennifer Anderson
From the Portland Fruit Beer Festival and Cider Summit in June to the Peche Fest coming up in October, Portland summers are awash in juicy, ripe fruit — in easy drinking form. The new fruit beer…
SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Golden State-Lone Star Blues Revue will play at Lake Theater and Cafe on Sept. 6. The band includes (from left): Little Charlie Baty, Mark Hummel, Anson Funderburgh, with Wes Starr on drums and RW Grigsby on bass.
Aug 25, 2016

Golden State to play at Lake Theater

by (none)
Blues supergroup Golden State-Lone Star Blues Revue will play at Lake Theater and Cafe on Sept. 6 to celebrate the release of its self-titled debut album. The band features Grammy-nominated harp…
Aug 25, 2016

Religion Notes

by Ravleen Kaur
St. Pius X Catholic Church hosts Adapted Liturgy The public is invited to St. Pius X for its Adapted Liturgy at 2:45 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 28. This shorter Mass celebrates the lives and gifts of all…
Aug 25, 2016

Weekly Meetings

by Ravleen Kaur
Beaverton Area Coffee Connection — The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce holds a weekly networking meeting on Friday mornings. From 7:45 to 9 a.m. Sept. 2, the meeting will be hosted by…