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Kenneth Brown: Heroic Promoter of Sellwood and Ross Island

July 07, 2017 The Bee - Features Eileen G. Fitzsimons
This, one of two Southeast History articles in this issue of THE BEE, tells a lot you may not have known about Ross Island

'Solstice Day 40 mile stroll' ends in Sellwood

July 07, 2017 The Bee - Features David F. Ashton
One family's new tradition raises a significant amount of money for a noted Southeast nonprofit

Sustainable Life

Gresham woman puts out the welcome mat for wildlife

July 25, 2017 Clara Howell
Backyard Habitat Certification Program will host an open-garden event at Susan Spencer's home.

Metro may trash plan to burn garbage rather than bury it

July 25, 2017 Steve Law
Burning solid waste may not reduce carbon emissions much, if at all, compared to putting it in a landfill, analysis concludes

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