Tracy Brown seeks job reinstatement after action by Yamashita

Tracy Brown, city of Sandy planning and building director of more than a decade, was terminated from his position last week.

Since then, he's attempted to appeal to the business community of Sandy in an effort to gain support and possibly plead his case for reinstatement.

In a public letter sent via email, Brown asks for members of the community to reach out to the mayor or city councilors to argue against the recent action of interim City Manager Kim Yamashita.

"On March 2, the interim city manager, Kim Yamashita, after 43 days in this position, terminated my employment with the city," he says in the letter. "One of the reasons stated in the termination notice was that she didn't feel I was supported by the business community. It appears she is basing this conclusion on a single complaint."

Brown went on to encourage recipients to attend the March 6 City Council meeting.

Yamashita has declined to comment on the matter of Brown's termination, saying: "We are trying to be respectful of any and all employees' rights to privacy."

Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce Director Khrys Jones has also declined to comment at this time on questions pertaining to the business community's perspective of Brown's performance as planning director.

For the time being, former senior planner Kelly O'Neill Jr. is acting as interim city planning and building director. O'Neill has been with the city Planning Department for almost six years. He has not been given the position permanently, but he is being considered.

In an email correspondence, Yamashita says:

"I would like to work with him for a time to see how it goes and I would consider appointing him if all goes well."

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