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New veterinarian brings love of rural pets to Sandy

Laura Mulshine studied in New Zealand and at Reed College

POST PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN - Laura Mulshine, a small animals doctor, has just completed her first month at Sandy Animal Clinic. Laura Mulshine, the new addition to the small animal ward at Sandy Animal Clinic, may be new to Sandy, but not to the needs of rural pets.

A Bethesda, Md., native, Mulshine started with the clinic at 36645 Highway 26, on Jan. 10. She obtained her bachelor's degree from Reed College in Southeast Portland where she said she fell in love with Oregon.

"I guess I've always loved animals," Mulshine said. "I love working with cats and dogs. ... It's great. I used to work in a really rural town. I'm really happy to see some (working) dogs like that here in Sandy."

She started out with a desire to study ecology, but always for the purpose of working with animals. Eventually, Mulshine branched off from this path and attended Massey University in New Zealand on her way to becoming a veterinarian. She also met her husband there.

Of her Sandy experience thus far, she says she has been happy to have so many resources at hand and see such a caring community of pet owners.

"There's so many more things available to me here (than in New Zealand)," she says. "I just feel like I have so many more resources. ... The clientele here is great. They're people who really love animals and want to take good care of them."

A snowboarding enthusiast, Mulshine admitted Sandy's proximity to Mount Hood proved a compelling draw.

"It's the lifestyle here too," she said. "The clinic here (also) does good schedules for vets and the clientele are nice. ... I wanted to be somewhere that offered this kind of medicine and this standard of care."

After her time abroad, Mulshine has a new appreciation for how Americans relate to their pets.

"In the U.S., people really love their animals and put their money where their mouth is," she said. "I've already gotten to do so much more to keep animals happy and healthy."