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Willamette University honors Sandy man


Classroom at a new graduate-level center named for George Hoyt

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - George Hoyt of Sandy speaks to a gathering at the dedication of a new center in Portland for Willamette Universitys Atkinson Graduate School of Management. One of the centers classrooms was named in honor of Hoyt.George Hoyt, a resident of Sandy and community activist since 1994, has been honored by his alma mater, Willamette University.

With help from his wife, Colleen, Hoyt was lured to wear a tie and coat to a gathering in the Pearl District of Portland where a new center for the university’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management was being opened.

At the gathering, Willamette President Stephen Thorsett, accompanied by University Dean Debra Ringold, announced that a classroom in the satellite campus was being named in honor of a longtime supporter of the school.

But it wasn’t until Thorsett said the person was a lifetime university trustee who had graduated in 1958 that Hoyt knew he was being singled out for recognition.

“I was shocked and pleased that recognition was extended to me,” Hoyt said. “It was a complete surprise.”

The Hoyt Classroom serves up to 30 MBA students with technology, featuring touch-screen controls, two large projection screens and capabilities for videoconferencing, said Russell Yost, WU director of marketing.

“(Hoyt) has been a dedicated supporter of Willamette University for many years,” Yost said, “and an all-around wonderful servant to the community — in Sandy and beyond.”

Hoyt has been involved with the university since his graduation. He has served actively for 20 years on the Board of Trustees, and is now a lifetime member. In the past approximately 10 years, Hoyt has led the formation of a couple of strategic plans for the Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

This is the third year he has had complete responsibility for sponsoring a book club for university alumni that includes discussions with the authors of a half-dozen books the former students have read.

Ringold also publicly expressed her appreciation for the many years that Hoyt has served the school that gave him a start in his career.

“George Hoyt has worked tirelessly for the Atkinson Graduate School of Management and for the Willamette MBA program for many years,” Ringold said.

“With this classroom we are able to honor him and his legacy of generous support to our programs.”

The new facility will serve evening students who are working toward their master’s degrees in business. While these students attend class in the evenings, they live and have daytime jobs in the metro area.

The facility includes two state-of-the-art classrooms and a large conference room.

Another classroom was named in honor of WU Professor Emeritus Patrick Connor.

In Sandy, Hoyt has been involved with Sandy Main Street, serving as chairman of the board of the nonprofit organization. He and his wife are very involved in the Book Nook, a fundraising group that supports the beyond-budget needs of the Sandy Public Library.

Willamette University, the oldest university in the western United States, has its main campus in Salem, with an undergraduate school as well as a graduate school of management and a law school. Its teacher education school is being suspended at the end of this school year because of reduced demand for teachers.