The statewide holiday salute to Boring and Dull Day begins at 6 p.m. Friday

by: POST PHOTO: JIM HART - Steve Bates, chairman of the Boring Community Planning Organization, stands near the sign at Boring Station Trailhead Park, where the Boring and Dull Day celebration is planned for Friday evening.If there haven’t been enough Boring and Dull jokes already, there’ll probably be more heard at Boring Station Trailhead Park this Friday evening.

That’s when the Boring and Dull Day celebration begins in the park.

The annual event is in response to Clackamas County and the Oregon Legislature both designating Aug. 9 for statewide recognition of the pairing of Boring, Ore., and Dull, Scotland, as a “Pair for the Ages.”

Not only did Boring receive this statewide recognition, it also was just announced by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore. District 3, that the U.S. House of Representatives has honored Boring and Dull Day with an entry in the Congressional Record.

All of this leading up to an evening of celebration and an ice cream social in the park just proves that Boring is the most exciting place to live.

Bored in Boring

It proves that living in Boring is better than living in Bliss, Mich., or Looneyville, Texas. Better than Kentucky towns called Normal and Ordinary. And if you lived in Why, Ariz., would you talk to anyone from Whynot, Miss.?

Perhaps it would be better to live in a place where nothing can be said about your town’s name. Try moving to Nothing, Ariz.

But there is a scenario where there would have been no notice from Clackamas County, the state of Oregon or the U.S. House of Representatives for the pairing of two gloomy places.

What if Boring, Tenn., paired with Dull, Ohio? That hasn’t happened, so come to Boring on Friday.

Prize drawing Friday

Activities will be continuous from 6-9:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 9, at the park between Dee Street and Wally Road.

Many Boring neighbors plan to serve free ice cream to all who come. They’ll also offer shirts and hats with the Boring and Dull logo as well as Boring to Dull tour raffle tickets.

A drawing will take place during a break in the evening’s entertainment, giving the winner a free trip on the October Scotland tour or $1,500 cash.

Several Boring organizations and their volunteers will serve ice cream, including people from the Boring Community Planning Organization; Boring, Oregon Foundation; Boring-Damascus Grange; Nutz and Boltz Theatre; Friends of Boring Station Trailhead Park; Boring Fire District; and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

Honors for all

To honor Dull, Scotland, picturesque Glen Lyon and all of Perthshire, a piper and drummer from the Sir James McDonald Pipe Band will play appropriate tunes.

To honor Oregon and the entire United States of America, the Tonesetters barbershop quartet will harmonize traditional American music.

To honor members of the country’s military, the Oregon National Guard will present the red, white and blue colors at 8 p.m., followed by a flag salute and the Tonesetters singing “God Bless America.”

Immediately following the patriotic song, the Boring, Oregon Foundation will hold its public drawing for an Oct. 6-14 overseas trip with the Boring to Dull tour group.

Among many stops around Scotland, the tour group will spend an entire day with the 84 residents of Dull. The activities of that day include a morning safari to the top of Dull Rock followed by breakfast in Dull, a walking visit through the village of Dull, an early afternoon trip to Aberfeldy to visit the Dewars Scotch Whiskey distillery and a civic reception in nearby Castle Menzies.

Jamie Damon, a former county commissioner, will draw the winning ticket.

Damon helped start the Boring and Dull Day movement when she was a commissioner.

Immediately, Ron Ruedi and the Hurricanes will provide entertainment for the final hour of the event.

Parking space is available in the Boring-Damascus Grange parking lot on Grange Street. Overflow parking is on School Avenue and in the school parking lots.

The Dee Street parking lot is reserved for dignitaries, seniors and handicapped persons.

For more information, call CPO Chairman Steve Bates at 503-663-6271.

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