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Wide-ranging debate set at Boring town hall


Although open to any county resident, the commissioners listening post is at Boring

An event that seldom happens in Boring is set to occur next week, and Steve Bates is asking many Boring area residents to attend.

Bates is chairman of the Boring Community Planning Organization, and will moderate a town hall forum with the Clackamas County commissioners.

The Boring CPO-sponsored meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 14, at the Boring Fire Department, near the post office and Highway 212 in downtown Boring.

“The concept of a town hall is not to have a meeting for politicians to preach at the people,” Bates said. “A town hall is the opportunity for the constituents to ask questions and state their concerns.

In other words, Bates said, “The star of the show is not the elected officials; it is the people who invest their time to come and ask questions and state their opinions.”

Commission Chairman John Ludlow said he and the other commissioners aren’t planning any presentations; they’re there to hear the feelings of people they don’t normally see at their meetings in Oregon City.

“It’s pretty freewheeling,” Ludlow said of a town hall. “It’s much more of a listening post. It’s an opportunity for anybody to speak of their concerns. Our desire is to go out and visit with people (who can’t or won’t come to Oregon City).”

Commissioner Paul Savas says he wants to hear what the people in Boring and Sandy are concerned about — what they want done differently in county governance.

“I hope people bring us what’s on their minds, their local issues,” he said. “I want to hear what they’re passionate about and what they think is important.

“The dialogue can be wide-ranging at a town hall, and I look forward to having that dialogue.”

For more information, call Bates at 503-663-6271.