(Oregon Public Broadcasting) — 2013 was a record-setting weather year in some parts of the state. Rainfall was far below average across the Northwest.

"Almost all climatological zones in Oregon recorded below normal and in some cases, much below normal rainfall," Steve Pierce, president of the Portland Chapter of the American Meterological Society explained. "For instance, up in Portland in the Northwest part of the state, in Portland only 26.5 of rain." Pierce says that's the driest year since 1985. Portland usually averages about 36 inches of rain each year. Snowpack is also low across the state. If the dry streak continues much longer, Oregon ski resorts and farmers could feel a hit in 2014. "If we get to the end of January and we haven't seen any substantial moisture across Oregon then we might be looking at a drought situation later next summer," Pierce said. According to the National Weather Service, 2013 was the driest year on record in some Oregon Counties.

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