The Port of Portland has rejected paid ads at Portland International Airport that say “Welcome to Oregon, Home of the Clearcut!”

The ads are part of a statewide campaign funded by Oregon Wild, The Sierra Club, Audubon Society of Portland and the Center for Biological Diversity, which take aim at a U.S. House of Representatives bill that would allow more logging and loosened environmental regulations on “O&C” lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

Oregon Wild and the ACLU Foundation of Oregon sent a letter to the Port of Portland on Thursday, Sept. 19, protesting censorship by the port and arguing that the public agency must abide by the Oregon Constitution’s protections for free speech.

A similar ad is already up at the Eugene Airport.

Portland International Airport instructed its advertising agency, Alliance Advertising, to reject the ad because federal and state law, and airport rules, permit the port to restrict ads of a religious or political nature in the airport, said port spokeswoman Martha Richmond.

"We impose these restrictions to maintain neutrality on religious and political issues," she said.

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