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Annual jigsaw competition set for Feb. 18


The event, now in its fourth season, attracted almost 70 competitiors last year

SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Participants piece together a jigsaw puzzle at a prior Sherwood Jigsaw Puzzle Competition, which is set for Feb. 18 at the Sherwood Police Department Community Room. The Fourth Annual Jigsaw Puzzle Competition is set for Feb. 18 at the Sherwood Police Department's Community Room.

Begun by Madeline Garland in 2014, and sponsored by the Sherwood Foundation of the Arts, the first gathering attracted 19 participants. Last year, almost 70 residents participated in the event.

The timed tournament includes three separate events beginning with the individual competition at 10 a.m. where competitors attempt to piece together a 300-piece puzzle. At noon, a team of two competitors attempt to solve a 500-piece puzzle. A final event set for 2 p.m., a team of four competitors who also attempt a 500-piece puzzle.

For each competition, the puzzlers get their own puzzle to use with the puzzles all identically wrapped in brown paper so no competitors can see the puzzle until they start. The fastest to finish their puzzle wins. Prizes include donations from many local Sherwood businesses.

Entry fees range from $15-25, based on the event entered. Additional information and tickets are available at sherwoodarts.org.