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Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue announces department awards


Recognizes life-saving efforts and committment to professionalism

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: TVF&R - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue recently recognized firefighters, staff and local business members for their life-saving efforts and commitment to community safety.Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue recently recognized firefighters, staff and local business members for their life-saving efforts and commitment to professionalism and community safety. Below is a description of each award.

Special Unit Citations — Awarded to any unit, or specially constituted team, within the district that has worked together toward a common goal.

  • Lt. Peter Godon, Apparatus Operator Geoff Conroy, Firefighter Peter Lehmann, Firefighter Mark Ross — For providing exceptional patient care in an attempt to save the lives of the driver and passenger of a fatal car crash on June 30, 2010.
  • Battalion Chief Ian Yocum, Lt. Barry Greenwood, Apparatus Operator Jason Porter, Firefighter Darin Heydon, Firefighter Joseph Muravez, Capt. Brent VanKeulen, Apparatus Operator Benjamin Oberhelman, Firefighter Jesse Fitzpatrick, Firefighter Bradley Fritzke — For their extraordinary efforts that contributed to the rescue of an apartment fire victim in March 2012.
  • Lt. Peter Godon, Apparatus Operator Geoff Conroy, Firefighter Peter Lehmann and Firefighter Mark Ross — For their extraordinary effort to successfully rescue the driver of a truck hanging from the Denney Road overpass in November 2012.
  • Distinguished Conduct

  • Apparatus Operator Daniel Mitchael, Firefighter Chad Ledson — For their professionalism while off-duty in providing care to the victims of a motor vehicle rollover accident on Highway 26.
  • Community Service — The Community Service Award recognizes a member of the community who has made an outstanding contribution to fire and life safety through education, public relations and public service.

  • Capt. Daniel Atkisson — For his years of dedicated and exemplary service to the community of Sherwood.
  • Academic Excellence — For the outstanding achievement of continuing education and self-betterment while employed with the District.

  • Chief Dustin Morrow, Lt. Steve Sager, Lt. Rich Stamps and Firefighter Jeff Gillies for earning their Bachelor of Science degrees.
  • Safer Communities Award

  • Kennedy Restoration: This year’s Safer Communities Award was presented to Kennedy Restoration for their commitment to public safety through financial support of TVF&R’s Landlord Training Workshops. These workshops are pivotal in helping landlords understand fire behavior, common fire causes and reduction of hazards, as well as the fire inspection process. These workshops also provide landlords with free educational materials that they can use to help educate tenant about smoke alarms and home fire escape planning.
  • Union Member of the Year — Chosen by the Executive Board of Local 1660

  • Firefighter Ronald Morgan — For his leadership role with the Local 1660 Executive Board and his commitment to firefighter training.
  • Volunteer Award Recognition

  • Volunteer Leadership of the Year — Nicolas Ross
  • Rookie of the Year — Sandeep Mann
  • Terry Lowrie Volunteer of the Year — Damien Johnson
  • Retirements

  • Firefighter Steven Weigel — 34 years of service
  • Firefighter Terry Kreb — 33 years of service
  • Lt. Randy Scherman — 27 years of service
  • Lt. William Boyle — 25 years of service
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Rolanda Ayers — 15 years of service
  • Fallen Firefighters

    Bruce Averitt, Steve Berg, Richard Burris, Charles Campbell, Richard Cates, Randilyn Dean, Robert Drake, Bill Garner, John Glover, Phil Hall, Doyle Harris, Mike Krauthoefer, Billy Little, Tom McKinney, Dan Rogers, Gary Steele and Russ Williamson.