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Beware! DIY braces aren't worth the risk

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Have you heard about the latest DIY (do it yourself) trend? It's dangerous, foolhardy—and completely legal.

It's hard to believe, but according to a consumer alert from the American Association of Orthodontists, some people are starting to use DIY methods to self-treat their crooked or gap teeth.

WILSON ORTHODONTICS - Dr. C. Todd WilsonA quick search online pulls up hundreds of references to these so-called "quick fix" projects. Some of these solutions use things like rubber bands or dental floss, but the most outrageous involve constructing faux braces out of paper clips, or a retainer out of modeling clay.

Folks, this is crazy. You can cause extensive (and very expensive) damage to your teeth, bone and soft tissue by messing around with dental experiments.

Why? Well, for starters, orthodontists don't just align your teeth based on aesthetics. In fact, the functionality and long-term health of your teeth is our primary concern; style always comes second. Trying to self-treat misaligned teeth could very easily result in loss of the supporting tooth root, gum recession or, in the worst case, loss of teeth altogether.

Moreover, orthodontists are uniquely qualified specialists with over 10 years of rigorous education. We're professional, reliable and safe.

So take it from me: Don't experiment on your teeth. You get what you pay for, and without the help of a dental professional, you could be causing your teeth serious (if not irreparable) harm.

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