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BUDGET BLINDS - Jason ThompsonYou might believe that measuring your windows for new window coverings is something that you can just do yourself. You just grab a yard stick and a pencil and get to marking, right?

Well, unfortunately it's not that simple. If you try to do everything yourself, you can run into mismeasurement and safety issues that will cost you in time AND money.

For instance, when you are measuring for different window treatments there are different techniques to use to ensure a correct fit. One mismeasurement and you could wind up with window treatments that don't fully open or close. NOT ideal.

Then there's the issue of those high-up, hard to reach windows. Most households have a step-ladder or a five or six foot ladder, but working on even taller ladders to measure for new window treatments can be dangerous if you are inexperienced. But a Budget Blinds professional is well-trained in taking the measurements you'll need, making Budget Blinds a safer, more convenient option.

By hiring Budget Blinds, you're bringing design experience, measuring skills, installation talent, and more to the table, guaranteeing perfectly covered windows in the style you're looking for. We are licensed and do all of our own installations, which means no dealing with the hassle of subcontractors; we'll work to provide you with superior service from beginning to end.

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