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What's the connection between fish and dentists?

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WILSON ORTHODONTICS - C. Todd WilsonHave you ever wondered why your dentist or doctor has an aquarium in their office? Turns out it's not just a way to write off a hobby!

According to many studies in psychology, there are multiple health benefits to sitting and watching fish swim in an aquarium. Specifically, heart rate and blood pressure lower significantly within a short time.

Participants in the studies also report a calming effect and improved mood.

Along these lines, our Newberg office has one of the largest live tropical reef aquariums in the greater Portland area. It totals 1,700 gallons and is 8 feet by 8 feet. The tank is situated in the center of our clinic, with our treatment chairs around it.

To put that in perspective, we also have a 270-gallon tank, bigger than most hobbyists have, and six of these tanks would fit inside the 1,700-gallon tank. It's as big as many of the tanks featured on the show "Tanked," one of my favorite shows (though our tank pre-dates their show).

We have more than 150 fish, some of them up to two feet long, in the tank -- along with an unknown number of crustaceans and invertebrates. There are hundreds of varieties of live coral. We have the entire cast of "Finding Nemo" in the tank (not the people, just the fish).

So if you need braces and you'd like to relax while you're getting them, come spend some time in our Newberg office and watch the fish swim.

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