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New chiropractic technique gets people better faster

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KORT CHIROPRACTIC & CONCUSSION CARE - Russell Kort, DCFor the past year, I have written numerous articles about concussions and collisions.

I have listed many adverse effects related these types of injuries. Symptoms such as loss of balance, focus, energy, sensitivity to light and sound, slips in eye movements, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, and so much more.

In the past year, something amazing has happened in my practice. We have developed protocols that have changed the way I treat patients.

By looking at brain function, we are better able to treat dysfunction in the body. This has dramatically shortened the duration of our treatment and your recovery.

I call this concept “Time Compression,” a shortened amount of time people are under my care.

This is achieved by focusing on all that is skewed in the patient’s system and addressing the source of the condition, from the brain and gut to balance and the spine.

It is this comprehensive, whole-body approach that is changing the way our patients see chiropractic. At Kort Chiropractic and Concussion Care, we are committed to learning why you’re not feeling well, then giving you proper focused treatment and strategies to enhance your life and your whole-body health.

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