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Giving thanks, paying it forward this season

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WILSON ORTHODONTICS - Dr. C. Todd WilsonThis Holiday season, take time to reflect on the ways you are blessed in your lives. Enjoy spending time with your family and loved ones, as that time is precious above all.

As we move forward into the New Year, be sure to acknowledge the people who make sacrifices on your behalf. And, importantly, ponder the ways that you might return to those who give to you.

I am ever grateful to the Sherwood community for being a part of my practice’s family. It is a great honor and a privilege to have been entrusted with providing orthodontic care to so many over the years.

As such, I have always believed that providing orthodontic care is only part of my responsibility. A big part of my obligation as a professional is to give back to the community. That I do by supporting a multitude of community events, school fundraising efforts, athletics, the arts, and more.

Our Rewards Program also emphasizes this, offering kids points for participating in community service.

Each year I provide free orthodontic treatment to a number of people who have high orthodontic need but who otherwise could not afford treatment. This is one of my most rewarding endeavors, witnessing the positive changes this brings in the form of improved health and self-image.

I recognize how others help me, and I strive to give back. I encourage us all to look for more opportunities to ‘pay it forward’ in the coming year. Happy Holidays!

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