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Dry mouth? Drink this in

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GIFFORD FAMILY DENTISTRY - Todd Gifford, DDSA dental epidemic called Xerostomia, or "Dry Mouth," affects millions of people and is a major cause of oral problems, including tooth decay.

Causes of this condition are many and include certain health conditions, salivary gland damage, dehydration, smoking, mouth breathing and side effects from commonly prescribed medications.

Symptoms can vary widely by individual. Is there a noticeable lack of saliva pooling under your tongue? Do you feel like you have bad breath? Do you continually get cavities or experience gingivitis despite frequent brushing and flossing? Perhaps you feel parched even though your water intake is adequate, or you notice an abnormal surface on your tongue. These are just some of the presentations of dry mouth.

General suggestions for improving your experience with dry mouth:

1) Make a concerted effort to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth

2) Stimulate saliva production with Xylitol-containing sugar-free gum or lozenges

3) Drink more water

4) Consider using a humidifier in your room while sleeping

Professional recommendations tailored to your situation can be made after a thorough examination and review of your health and medical history. Due to the complexities of this condition, enlisting the help of your dentist is your best bet for long-lasting relief.

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