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Revived Brooklyn business association elects officers

Progress is being made in relaunching a long-moribund Inner Southeast business association

RITA A. LEONARD - New GBBA Board members, joined by Pok Pok Wing restaurant staff, are shown - from left: John Liesman, Treasurer; Jesse Layton, President; Toby Roberts and Elizabeth Jones, from the restaurant; Dan Schmitz, Board Member-at-large; Aliza Tuttle, Secretary; and Melaney Dittler, Board Member-at-large. At the "Greater Brooklyn Business Association" meeting on Friday, January 6th, a Board was elected for the newly-revived association to get things up and running. The new President is Jesse Layton, the Secretary is Aliza Tuttle, serving as Treasurer is John Liesman, and Board Members-at-large are Melaney Dittler and Dan Schmitz, who recently joined the Steering Committee.

The meeting was held at the new Pok Pok Wing Restaurant at 3120 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, one block south of Powell Boulevard. Refreshments were provided by the restaurant and by Brooklyn's True Brew Coffeehouse.

New GBBA Steering Committee member Dan Schmitz, owner of "Stevens Integrated Solutions" business printing, spoke on Steering Committee plans. "Currently we're working on a GBBA website and logo, while planning a directory and boundary map," he reported. "The purpose of these meetings is to attract interest, and establish subcommittees for deeper discussions."

Fred Riley from Classic Pianos expressed interest in the website committee. Melaney Dittler, who is on the Board of the Brooklyn Action Corps neighborhood association, continues to work on a GBBA event to be included in BAC's May meeting. "We want to introduce neighborhood businesses to the public, and are hoping this will help you promote your business," she explained.

Jesse Layton, GBBA President, announced that the next monthly meeting would be held Friday, February 3rd, 8-9 a.m., open to the public, at Teutonic Wine, 3303 S.E. 20th Avenue. "We'll have a mission workshop prior to that, to develop our focus and direction," he promised.