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A popular wine and beer shop in Sellwood expands its services

DAVID F. ASHTON - Portland Bottle Shop owner Travis Motter displays an Italian cold-cut sandwich - one of the many deli treats available at his expanded store. Because of its support of nonprofit organizations and schools, including Duniway and Llewellyn Elementary Schools and Sellwood Middle School, the Portland Bottle Shop in Sellwood has gained a reputation for being community-minded.

Now, in addition to also being known as a notable wine and beer store, the shop also hopes to develop a reputation for serving delicious soups and sandwiches.

"Having a deli in a wine store – they just seem to go together," smiled owner Travis Motter.

"I've been in the industry for about 20 years. I worked in a bunch of places, including – when I first moved to Portland – at Woodstock Wine & Deli for about four years.

After later being the sommelier at Simpatica, Motter and his partner Emily opened their own store in Sellwood about five years ago.

"But, now that we've been able to take over the second space that was next door, we can put out sandwiches and homemade soups – something that's really needed in our area," Motter told THE BEE.

Check out their new menu, and the expanded wine and beer offerings, at the Portland Bottle Shop. It's situated at 7960 S.E. 13th Avenue.

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