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Dizzy driver has slow-motion car crash on Insley Street

You will seldom behold two automobiles collide with so little impact

DAVID F. ASHTON - Paramedic/firefighters and police officers spoke with the apparently-impaired driver of the Ford Thunderbird, seated outside his car - after he was involved in a very low-speed bump into a parked car. Emergency first-responders were called to an intersection at which S.E. Insley Street dead-ends into 77th Avenue, at 5:54 p.m. on Friday, January 27. It was an incident dispatched as a "motor vehicle accident, with injury".

At the location, a white, two-door Ford Thunderbird was stopped in the intersection, headed east on S.E. Insley Street – just touching a parked car, with no real damage visible.

The Thunderbird's male driver was sitting on the pavement outside his car, being tended to by paramedic/firefighters from Lents Fire Station 11.

From the man's behavior, it appeared as if the driver had experienced a medical emergency. But as the conversation continued, it developed that the driver conceded to officers that he had had "something stronger than I thought", which left him in a weak and in a mildly disoriented condition.

The ambulance dispatched to the scene was dismissed, without a patient. There were no witnesses to the very slow and gentle crash, and the Portland Police have not yet reported whether or not the responsible driver was cited for anything.