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Car drifts off Foster Road, smashes, rolls

It's just possible that, in this crash, somebody was not paying attention...

DAVID F. ASHTON - Firefighters and paramedics surround the Mazda that drifted off Foster Road, crashed into a parked car, and then rolled onto its top. Workers and customers inside the "I Heart Retro" store at 6927 S.E. Foster Road were startled by a loud crash outside on Wednesday evening, December 21, at 6:24 p.m.

When they ran out to see what had happened, they saw a Mazda 3 four-door sedan on its roof – and the driver crawling out of the smashed vehicle.

A Portland Fire & Rescue lieutenant from Woodstock Fire Station 25's Truck Company later confirmed that the driver had self-extricated herself, and had declined paramedic attention.

Apparently, the Mazda was traveling westbound on Foster Road, drifted out of the traffic lanes for still-unknown reasons, and clipped the driver's side rear quarter panel of a Hyundai Elantra GT parked at the curb. It struck the parked vehicle so hard, the impact bent in a wheel of the Elantra.

"Because I just stopped by just for a few minutes, I left my dog in the car," remarked the driver of the Elantra. "The pooch is okay, but is now hiding under a table in the back of the store." The Portland Police Bureau was not immediately able to tell THE BEE whether the responsible driver had received a citation in the mishap.