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Signs of wildlife identified in Sellwood


A byway near Crystal Springs Creek in Sellwood now has an informational sign

RITA A. LEONARD - This new wildlife interpretive sign is installed at a byway along Crystal Springs Creek, at S.E. 21st and Spokane Street in Sellwood.   A new durable wildlife interpretive sign has been installed at S.E. 21st and Spokane Street in Sellwood.

The full-color depiction of wildlife in and around nearby Crystal Springs Creek includes birds, fish, invertebrates, a beaver, and a northern river otter. The 2x3-foot display is entitled "Nature in the Neighborhood", and describes some of the year -'round and migrant wildlife that can be seen there.

Supported by SMILE, the Sellwood-Westmoreland neighborhood association, and by the Johnson Creek Watershed Council, with a grant from the East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District, the informative sign was created by science illustrator Patrick Norton. The small byway near the creek where it is placed is described as a special place for people, waterfowl, and wildlife. Neighbors who maintain the area gathered November 27th to clean up fall debris.

In addition to pictures of a selection of birds and waterfowl, the display points out, "Numerous species of fish and mammals, including salmon & steelhead, live here. Hundreds of species of invertebrates (animals without backbones) also make the creek their home, and help complete the food web." A note adds that to become involved in watershed stewardship, visit the Watershed Council online: www.jcwc.org

The scenic area chosen for the sign is adjacent to a public pathway bordering the creek. The path features a hand-painted salmon mural, which is part of the same project, and leads to a new bridge supporting traffic on S.E. Tacoma St.

The City of Portland reports itself pleased that creek restoration has allowed salmon to return to their historic spawning grounds near Reed College, in the center of the city.