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February 20, 2015

Parents: To spy or not to spy on kids

by Dave Wenzel
Today’s technology leaves parents facing a dilemma: do they use the very technology they are trying to monitor their kids’ usage of, to in fact monitor their children? Do they use “find my…
February 05, 2015

We want to hear about Amazing Kids for upcoming publication

by Steve Brown
In October 2014, the Pamplin Media Group launched a special section that provided a prestigious stage from which we could sing the praises of 22 amazing kids who live in communities from Sandy…
Photo Credit: POST ARCHIVE PHOTO - Karamoja, a Hallmark documentary being shown at the Sandy Theater in 1955, promised a look at the worlds last lost tribe, untouched by our modern civilization. While the teaser indicated the tribes were buried deep in the jungles somewhere, the ad never identified where those jungles were.
February 02, 2015

1985: daughters' quick thinking saves mother's life

by Anne Endicott
1955 — A Hallmark documentary showing at the Sandy Theater was causing quite a stir 60 years ago. “Karamoja” featured the “world’s last lost tribe — untouched by our modern civilization” and…

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