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March 23, 2015

Rights of the public to know are being eroded by laws

by Pamplin Media Group
For 40-plus years, Oregon has claimed to have transparency in government. Public records and public meetings laws approved in 1973 are supposed to enforce the ideal that the people’s business…
March 23, 2015

When a chicken went to church, the feathers flew

by Isabel Torrey
One spring, when I taught a Sunday school class of a dozen first-graders, an idea suddenly surfaced on how to dispel the kids’ myth that rabbits lay colored eggs at Easter. The idea came when I…
March 23, 2015

Spring has sprung at nearby wildlife refuge

by Pam Farris
We call the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge a place for birds and wildlife, but it could just as easily be called a refuge for people. It is surrounded by houses, businesses and a busy…
March 23, 2015

Couple enjoys THS senior citizens dance

by Gary Hoselton
To the Editor: The Tigard High School annual Senior Citizens Prom on Valentine's Sunday was great fun. I had plenty of dances with high school girls, who loved dancing with us older fellows.…

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